• Re: DLC Prediction January 2018: New Year, New Songs

    Nah, it's just a week where we've got a release on Tuesday. No interest in stepping on our own toes!
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread - Discover LA: KROQ Locals Only Pack!

    Congratulations to Assuming We Survive, HUNNY, In the Valley Below, Nightmare Air and No Small Children for making it to Rock Band.
    The Oxford comma is not optional.
  • Re: I really need some Rock Band help.

    Did you play Expert your first day holding a plastic guitar?
    No I actually started on easy on RB1. Maybe that's your way of saying it's gonna take time? It's just really frustrating because I do try like heck.
    You were born with the ability to breathe and that's...about it (depending on your burping needs, maybe even that was a rough go of it!). Literally everything you can do right now was something you previously could not and spent time at. You don't need to learn alt-strumming in 30 seconds any more than you needed to learn Expert guitar in 30 seconds, or how to do long division in 30 seconds, or whatever else. If you can't do a thing, just start doing the thing, right? Be hard-pressed to get WORSE at something by doing it.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Spice

    $2 comes back a lot faster than a delisted song.
  • Re: European PS4: 2112

    We've got crossed fingers and dreams about SIEE cadence, so this is being closed and you all can utilize the same locations other regions do because it should be less of a disconnect now...