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    It's now fixed for me
    Awwwww dang, awesome
    Is it expected that in future weeks the entitlement will be absent immediately and will always require pass holders to wait (perhaps the process requires the song to exist in the store before the pack entitlement can be changed/applied?), or is this something that is expected to be a one-time problem and the next six should be free-to-packholders as soon as they hit the store?
    We expected it to be a zero-time problem.
    But it's Sony. You should lower your expectations. ;)
    Sony's great! We're just at a disadvantage because we release so much and more often than anyone else. Like how your car insurance goes up if your job involves lots of driving. Doesn't speak to ability, it's just an increased frequency for accidents.
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    HMXOwl last month: The Spotlight Pass is STACKED with amazing songs
    HMXOwl this month: Ice Ice Baby
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    Can I get Vanilla Ice for $1 if I already bought the Queen pack?

    While this is a great plan in theory, there are a ton of variables that make this much more difficult than it may initially appear. First of all, we'd have to have 1st party (across the board) agree to making a cheaper alternative possible. We'd also have to have bands sign off when licensing songs to have them agree to the smaller price point. We'd also have to add another unique offer to the submission pipeline which could potentially eat in to how many other songs we're able to release in a given week. Beyond that, a lower price point wouldn't change the amount of work that would go in to authoring keyboards and harmonies for those tracks.

    While we obviously want to support the people that were early adopters for DLC, we're already pushing the technical limitations of what's possible with numerous DLC submissions for multiple pieces of content on three different platforms. We've provided as many options as possible to make sure that people have a choice when purchasing and upgrading their DLC. Some people may choose to upgrade everything and some people may choose to upgrade nothing. And that's entirely your choice, just as it is with the regular weekly DLC.

    I think it makes the most sense to make decisions on a week to week, song to song basis. No one is asking you to commit to Pro everything, always, forever right now. And for those of you concerned about being "forced" to repurchased 2,000 songs at $2 a piece plus upgrades... it took 3 years for us to get to 2,000 songs, and there's going to be weeks where we might not have pro upgrades for any legacy songs, so I wouldn't worry about getting a shakedown for 2,000 optional back catalog songs any time soon. Find what you like most, and buy those things. You still have the legacy songs and you'll have plenty of new DLC every week, so there's going to be a lot of options.
    Spent too long digging for that bit...
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    I know the hoops people will jump through to interpret things!