• Re: rock band for oculis rift

    If it will work with PlayStation VR and be playable both 'in there' while transferred to the big screen for guests. Then just tell me where to sign up.
  • Re: rock band for oculis rift

    VR still got some miles to cover IMO though. The overall quality leaves a bit to be wished for, and there are a handful of other things, I would imagine to cause problems. If I understood correctly, then the Oculus Rift is made with a Galaxy Note 3 screen, which is inferior to the VR solution I'm using (Note 4 phone + Samsung Gear VR). If that means the quality is even lower on Oculus Rift, I doubt it will catch on. Also there are issues with overheating from using it in extended periods. I lost count on how many times VR has been called the next big thing starting in the 90's, and even though its a fun gimmick, I doubt this will catch on.
  • Re: European PS4: 2112

    It's not the delays that make me angry and annoyed. I'm generally a patient guy.

    But the insane lack of any kind of information from ALL involved parties is doing a good job at that.

    Maybe when this thread passes 1k posts, something will blink at Harmonix.
  • Re: European PS4: 2112

    Looks like another week with no RB content for SCEE.

    In some weird manner, I managed to convince myself that things would be different on PS4/RB4. That was stupid.
  • Re: Recommendations of E-Kits

    Personally I'm using a Yamaha DTX-500 set, but beware that most newer Yamaha sets only supports USB MIDI.

    If you do fall in love with a set/brain that only has USB MIDI, then look for the Kenton MIDI USB Host. That box can convert the signal from USB to 5-port MIDI, and I can confirm it works. Only downside is that its quite expensive.