• Re: European PS4: 2112

    Changed the title back into something a bit more neutral so it's easier for potenial newcomers to find and also because that kind of stuff really isn't helping.
    So removing 'awful customer service' from the topic, makes it more neutral, and don't scare away new ones. I'm going to disagree on that one. But it does look nicer/friendlier on the topic-list, agreed there.

    Is it not allowed to call the customer service awful, or do you just disagree that it's awful?
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    Please point me to the posts on this forum, where EU players can be reassured that Harmonix are doing what they can with the missing DLC.
  • Re: The Rockband Injury Thread

    I got a bad muscle strain in my upper back/right shoulder, resulting in nasty discolouring and pain for what felt like ages. Just for the purpose of getting the cool drum-set given when completing The Endless setlist in RB3. I play guitar/bass normally, so drumming for that many hours was not thought through.
  • Re: Ion drum / E-kit owners and RB4

    Since JC/WoodenGlory forgot to mention it. You CAN individually select cymbals when using MPA on PS4.