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    Maybe a announcement of
    HOGAN pack 1
    I am a real American bruther
    Don't turn your back on the wolf pack dude
    American made pal
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    Sorry bruther . Hurricane come through area dude . I was out there smacking the raindrops with a chicken bone dude
  • Re: Rock Band Diaries! Share Your Stories as Rock Band Turns 10!

    Hello bruther. Hogan 2015 here pal.

    You know pal, I've been a rock band fan since the beginning dude. I remember going to wal mart bruther in 2008 and eyeing my very first rock band set pal. I told the wal mart personel, "Hey, dude , give me that rock band set before I crack and chair over your head pal." It cost me my whole paycheck but it was worth it pal . I got it home pal and held the guitar for the very first time dude, i was like a wrestler in a health store pal. I remember the first time I picked up the guitar pal and strummed the first note on the very first song on rock band 1 dude. It was magical bruther. No other game had me hooked like rock band pal. Rock band created alot of memories for me and My family pal. All those late nights pal, playing with my dad and seeing the look on his face dude when he was jamming to a song he loved pal. Those are memories I love dude. My first dlc pack I ever bought from the rock band store was the metallica pack pal. Although to this day I never passed one of the metallica songs dude , it was a unique experience playing some of your favorite songs on rock band pal . I discovered that rock band had a forums page pal , ever since 2013 dude, I've been running wild on the forums page and cracking chairs over people's head dude. Some people love the Hogan character dude , some people hate it bruther. One thing people can't deny is that Hogan2015 has made his mark in the forums dude and i'm proud to say brother that rock band has brought us all together dude. Rock band is one of those rare games that brings people together dude whether you're feeling sad , happy or just want to go hardcore. Rock band has a song for your mood pal. When I went through my high school breakup pal , I partied with rock band pal. I played songs like without you by motley cruel pal. When I was happy I played songs like cool for cats pal or shelter me by Cinderella dude. When I was angry I play songs like black Friday by megadeth. Rock band got me through every emotion I've felt in the last ten years pal. Harmonix also listens to the players and have given us a incredible library of music to play. Hogan is proud dude that one of his favorite games of all time dude is 10 years old and still growing. Thank you rock band community . Thank you forum member dudes I'll never meet pal, and Thank you harmonix. Here's to another 10 years.
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    Make @Witticus birthday great again dude
  • Re: Linkin Park singer dead at age 41

    Just bought shadow of the day pal on rock band.. remembering Chester pal