• Rock band 4 Leaderboard future updates

    If anyone has recently read "An early look at upcoming changes to rivals mode" on the Rock Band Blog, the post mentioned a fix to the scores posted on the leaderboards using exploits.
    The post gave 3 options for how to fix the leaderboards:
    1- Don't touch the leaderboard. meaning that people won't be able to get high scores once the exploits are fixed
    2- modify the highest leaderboard scores and bring those scores down to what the Developers feel is the appropriate score for that song
    3- do a full leaderboard wipe

    Personally, i feel that 3 is out of the question. I really don't want to have to get all my high scores again since i worked really hard to get quite a few of them and having to do it again would really annoy me.

    1, while being a silly thing is still an option. i don't really go for high scores on the leaderboard so not doing anything won't affect me but i can see a lot of people getting annoyed that they can't get high scores.

    personally, i think 2 is the best option. It's more work for the Developers but i definitely feel that this is the right course of action. Why punish those who didn't knowingly abuse the exploits or didn't abuse them at all. Please do option #2.

    There you go Harmonix, you wanted to some feedback on this topic, I've provided some. Please don't make the wrong decision.