• Re: Let Witticus Draw Your Favorite Pokémon.

    According to that quiz, I'm Mewtwo.

    I am entirely okay with this.
  • Re: 6/22 DLC Discussion: Fun Songs!

    Will definitely be getting Girls Just Want to Have Fun! I'll pass on the Paramore, but more Cyndi Lauper is always welcome.
  • Re: June Update Patch Notes!

    Is there anyone else who's still waiting on their Rivals Season 0 shirts? I've yet to receive mine, and the challenge ended several days ago. I messaged Pksage on Reddit several days ago, and I've still not gotten a reply. I have tried restarting my PS4, still nothing. Is there perhaps something else I'm not doing that I should?
  • Re: DLC's Should Not Be Spotlight / Rival Songs

    I actually agree that having DLC songs in the Spotlight section is kinda lame; it essentially makes the game pay-to-win at that point, especially now that the majority of the time it's two DLC songs per week.

    As for being in Rivals in general, though, I don't think that removing them from Rivals entirely is a great idea. That would only leave on-disc songs and Rivals songs, and that would get old quick. Besides, Spotlight songs are where the big XP boosts are, so it makes more sense to just not have DLC be Spotlight, then to have all DLC discounted from Rivals entirely.
  • Re: New Warped Tour Pack

    Attila is one of the biggest ( if not the biggest ) warpet tour bands in the moment. and they got some pretty sick solos that would be hella fun in RB
    The thing I truly dislike about Attila (the metalcore/deathcore band) is their lead singer and the lyrics. Sorry to say, but white dudes trying to be "gangsta" and "edgy" is not the kind of thing I enjoy, is all.

    That said, I do agree that Billy Joel Attila would be pretty great, even if they'd have to alt-chart all the organs on guitar.