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    Harmonix is in some serious dire straits. Couldn't afford to license the letter r for the word drowns.

    I've heard rumors they are soon to be bankruptcy. Seems like it's true after all.

    There, there, Mr. Owl. You can live in my barn once Harmonix goes under.

    I just wanna say, that gif is absolutely adorable and it made my day. :)
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    Actually, "downs" makes more sense in the context of the song. It's a play on words, saying that everything that brings him down physically also uplifts him. I don't think it's a typo.
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    I got all hyped for those prog metal songs that accidentally got added into the Spotify playlist, but this seems more fitting for RB4's current DLC trends :p

    While definitely not my favorite selections from RBVR's setlist, I am glad to see them here already, and will likely grab all three eventually. Use Somebody is a huge song I'm surprised took this long to get here, I Will Wait, while not necessarily one of my favorites on the setlist, at the very least I predict will be fun on guitar, and Counting Stars is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine.
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    How about a Sonic themed collection?

    So like some general individual rock shop items like Sonic series shirts, hats and instruments. Then have some guest characters from the series and then release some Crush 40 songs as DLC alongside it.

    (I edited my idea because I thought of something way bigger and better)
    Outside of the Crush 40 (they're apparently really hard to license, at least they weren't possible for the RBN), I could actually see this happening to go alongside the next Sonic game.
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    Is this performance art?