• Re: We Decide Next Week's Challenge: Let's Make it an "Other" Challenge!

    I hate that HMX has started making DLC spotlight songs, honestly. To see a week of entirely DLC would just infuriate me, so sadly I think I'll pass on this.
  • Re: With dance DLC is Rock band even rock band anymore what do u think?

    We've gotten 1 rap/hip-hop song in the past 4 years
    RB is sorely lacking in rap/hip hop. For old stuff, we need MOAR Run DMC, among others. They have plenty of stuff that fits the game well.

    Maybe we'll get some more recent stuff too, even if it isn't exciting chart-wise. I still want Kid Cudi's "Erase Me" though, dammit! I occasionally fire up GH:L just to play that and "Let It Rock".
    Rap/Hip-Hop is one of the hottest genres right now. I'm actually so surprised we haven't gotten any new rap songs. We literally have no R&B lmao
    My guess on why is because many songs would have to be very heavily edited.
    Not really, and that hasn't stopped other songs from coming.
    What songs in RB had to be edited as much as a hip hop song would? We're not talking about a few words in a chorus. There'd be huge chunks of verses that would have to either be edited or they'd have to use a clean version, but I'm not even sure those are made anymore. I don't really hear clean versions of songs these days.
    Three words: Sir Psycho Sexy...

    Oh, and also Redneck by Lamb of God is pretty heavily censored, as well as the final chorus of Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine.

    Also, I'm sure there's plenty of hip-hop that wouldn't have to be too heavily censored, and I do know some radio edits are still made. For example, we got a radio edit for Starboy by The Weeknd, where they replace "I'm a motherf***ing starboy" with "I'm a I'm a starboy." There's also songs such as Swimming Pools (Drank) by Kendrick Lamar (which a radio edit exists that takes out the n-word), Bring the Noise by Public Enemy, most Run-DMC songs, pop rappers such as Pit Bull who have plenty of radio edits available, and I'm sure there's plenty more that I just can't think of right now 'cause it's the middle of the night :p
  • Re: Harmonix stop adding shit music like Bruno Mars and daft punk...

    At this point, there are no artists that "don't belong" in Rock Band due to musical genre. Ever since RB1 they've been releasing things that aren't prototypical "rock music," even on-disc with such artists as Freezepop. I feel any and all genres are welcome in this game.

    I feel a more productive way of doing this would have been to say "We need more 70's and 80's rock!" or "Here's a list of classic rock artists I'd like to see more of." Once you start bashing one style of music and start saying yours is better, it stops being a request and begins to look more like an angry rant about how your taste in music is better than everybody else.

    I myself would be very okay with more older rock songs and such. It's just that I don't feel it's necessary to start bashing other styles of music that other people seem to enjoy. Hell, I myself at least like a good bit of the modern-ish pop selection as well, even if I would love to see more metal DLC. These are just words for thought, for the next time you want to suggest something, but don't want to get inflammatory responses back.
  • Re: With dance DLC is Rock band even rock band anymore what do u think?

    As someone who thinks we've gotten a bit too much radio pop/alternative/indie/whatever this year, I think this thread is a bit silly. There's always been non-rock music in Rock Band (hell, Freezepop is on-disc on RB1). The whole "but it's ROCK Band!" argument is irrelevant and yet used so often it's fallen into self-parody at this point.

    It's alright if you dislike certain styles of music, and you dislike the content offered as DLC. That doesn't mean there's a need to debate the "accuracy" of a game's title that in the past offered the likes of Lady Gaga, La Roux, Beastie Boys, Snoop Dogg, and more non-Rock artists and groups.
  • Re: Library changes are live apparently :)

    Another genre discrepancy I've found just now is that Deep Purple is listed as Prog, whereas before most of their songs were listed as Classic Rock, with Child in Time being listed as Prog. Honestly, I think the former Classic Rock was more fitting, seeing how outside of that one song they're more hard rock than anything, as well as being pioneers for metal music.
    Yes. Smoke on the Water being reclassified as "Prog" drives me nuts. How is that even remotely progressive rock? It belong to "Classic rock" where it was originally.

    As a general rule, "one artist = one genre" just plain doesn't work. There's a lot of odd cases that come to mind:
    - David Bowie earlier stuff like Space Oddity definitely fall under "Classic rock" while 80's stuff like "Let's Dance" do belong in "Glam"
    - alternatively, Kiss' Detroit Rock City being labelled as "Classic rock" feels like it makes no sense. Come on, they're the quintessential GLAM band.
    - Bruno Mars' stuff like "Just the way you are" and "Locked out of heaven" are Pop alright, but what about "Treasure" or "24K Magic" ? That definitely should fall under "R&B/Soul/Funk" (like Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars did)
    - P!nk. Songs like "Raise your glass" are definitely "Pop/Dance/Electronic".

    That's just a few I'm thinking of right now, but there's sooo much more.

    I'm happy that library got an update but I sure hope they'll keep on updating some of this stuff, because it sures bugs me.
    Another example would be Disturbed. Sure, their first album could be considered nu-metal, though everything after that is either alternative metal or just straight-up heavy metal (and The Sounds of Silence... IDK what to label that as :p ). There's also Underoath, which I wonder how they'll handle the song from that 20 Free Song pack from RB2, that was most clearly metalcore, while the other two songs available are more emo.