• Re: DLC Discussion Thread: 7/20

    Oh hey, a challenge I can actually play all the spotlight songs on! I'm glad to see two on-disc songs, I hope we can see more challenges that allow more people with less DLC to pitch in more.
  • Re: DLC Discussion: One Song

    I've been thinking about tap sections a lot lately, and it's made me sort of come to a conclusion, that while it's way too late to implement now that we're in the fourth main installment, but would have been ideal if this were the case in RB1. But I think it'd be better if the tap sections were there, available, but didn't affect scores at all. That way, those who like to have something to do during long breaks have something to do, while those who'd rather relax, jam out, or even do something else during a very long break, can do so without losing any bonus. It'd essentially be an optional thing that can be fun for some folks, and totally ignored by others.

    Again, way too late to change the way the game works at this point (especially with the fact that if they were to do this, they'd have to wipe out leaderboards for all songs with tap sections, which would make pretty much everyone upset), I just started thinking about how that could perhaps be more ideal for everyone if it were like this from the beginning.
  • Re: $2.99 a song?

    I do agree, $3 for a single song is a bit steep; I know people will say "2112 was $5.49, you shouldn't complain," but I feel that one is also overpriced, and at least with that package you also got three separate parts of it as individual parts. I hope this is just an experiment with pricing longer songs, and not a thing they'll continue to do in the future for all songs.

    That said, I actually think the $2 price point is fine. Yes, it's more than it would be in online music stores, but that's because in Rock Band there's more to it than just audio, there's also the actual note charts, which do take a while to do (trust me, I have experience in this, having authored songs for the RBN).
  • Re: Weird Chord Question

    Hm... why is it forbidden?
    Maybe so we don't have garbage charts like this?
    I mean GYO and GRO chords?!
    I mean, maybe not all of us have baby-sized hands and fingers?
    The size of the fingers shouldn't really matter, though, patterns like that can actually lead to hand damage. It also just doesn't look fun at all, it looks like they just made it "harder," but not "more fun."

    Then again fun is subjective. Maybe some folks actually find those kinds of chords fun in some way. Though for many of us here on the Rock Band fanbase, those kind of chords don't really look fun in the first place.
  • Re: DLC's Should Not Be Spotlight / Rival Songs

    Sorry, but I don't get it. Why do so many of the more casual crowd just expect everything to be free? Why do you feel so entitled? All the time. I've never once heard a hard-core competitive player come on the forums and cry about having to spend $2.00 for a DLC song. Ever.

    In the meantime, you have what? Your $300 xb1 or ps4, your $200 band in a box, maybe your $50/year online membership with whichever console you are on. How many extra controllers or add-ons? What about that cell phone you're looking at the app on? If you have to buy 1 song a week (and doubtful you would have to unless you were on a crew by yourself and had zero DLC) the most you are talking is $104 over the course of a year. That's $8.67 a month / $2 week / 28 cents a day, for entertainment. Count up the hours you spend on this game and I dare you to find something in the real world you can do that long for that amount of money. Even if you never play a handful of those songs ever again, it's hardly a waste if you look at the big picture.

    When there are so many games that charge you a much higher monthly subscription on top of everything else just to play, I'd hardly call this a big deal and saying it's "pay to win", well, nobody is forcing you to buy them. You can still advance and get promoted with extremely low spotlight scores and extremely high XP. It's not a requirement. If nobody wants to buy the song then everybody pitches in 20 cents and you buy it for one person on the crew who can do it on more than one instrument. TWENTY CENTS.

    So, for those of us that don't mind, and enjoy having something new now and then (whether we like the song or not doesn't matter), just stop already. This is the kind of thing that would totally destroy what's left of this game.
    I'm just speaking for myself here, but I was gifted my PS4 and RB4 Rivals band-in-the-box, and would not have been able to get it otherwise. I am very poor, and can't afford to get DLC outside of holidays or birthdays when I get money gifted (I do also sometimes win free songs via Twitch streams, so that's helped me expand my library in recent weeks). As thus, any system that requires you to spend more in order to "win" at something without spending countless hours I don't have grinding is something I dislike. Don't worry, I realize there are much worse examples of this, and I strongly oppose to those as well.

    I respect your opinion; if you find it fun as-is, then that's fine. I can certainly see the argument that the current model allows for more variety in Spotlight selection and themes. However, not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford DLC every week, and many of us are in crews with friends, not necessarily in crews that are made up of entirely top-level players who can afford DLC every week. As for you're comment on pitching in twenty cents every week, I wonder how that would work in terms of buying digital content on PS4, since their system requires you to buy the virtual currency itself, which last I checked had a minimum cost/amount of $5 (in other words, their system doesn't allow you to just buy the DLC on it's own using your credit card, you need to add at least $5 to your PSN account first). There's also tax to take into account, though that probably isn't nearly as big an issue.

    I would be completely happy to them going back to one DLC song per week; that way there's still some DLC in the spotlight, but not too much to where those who can't buy the songs/don't like the songs aren't left out in the dust, required to grind the few songs they have over and over for several hours (especially in higher tiers).