• Re: WRUDRN 2018: Deep Blues Traveller Something.... Bruther

    I thought only Australia was this hardcore
    Here in the grim and frostbitten mountains of Norway, we ride polar bears and dress up as pandas to scare away the carnivorous ducks. Or at least you'd think that if you watch too many black metal videos. :p
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: The Big One O!

    I may pick up That Don't Impress Me Much someday, not really a fan of the other two. Hope those who enjoy modern pop country enjoy this week!
  • Re: LiveHomeVideo's RB4 Tiers Thread 2018 Edition!

    Sorry for the delay, but tiers are done! @coolkat , @MCSMeister , @JimmyLethal , @WingsOfSteel , @Razor_Shark , @Radiohead97 , @thebipsnbeeps , and @Vexus here are those requests! Overall I think I enjoyed everything this week!

    Badlands – Winter's Call

    This song is pretty alright! Kinda sounds like a mix of Led Zeppelin as you mentioned, and also Guns n Roses, and I think that sort of mix actually works really well here! The song would also be pretty challenging on every instrument, especially guitar, which is just shy of a devil tier (the really hard parts don't last that long, though they are definitely rather challenging-sounding).The Robert Plant-esque vocal stylings would also result in a rather challenging vocal chart as well, though I also feel the overall space between the lower and higher singing sections would probably result in a five dot, as opposed to devil tier, vocal chart.

    The Sonic Dawn – The Mustang

    This is the second song in a row with sitar in it! :p But yeah, this song is pretty good, it does feel a lot like an old Danish psychedelic band from the 60's, despite being from this decade. The guitar during the fast parts sounds very similar to something like “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix in terms of how it'd probably play out, so I figure a higher tier for that, despite probably having the sitar charted during the slow part, and the drums sound pretty challenging as well during the fast parts, thus why those two are pretty high tiered.

    Thrice – Stare at the Sun

    This song is pretty good, I should try to listen to some more older Thrice at some point. The bassline during the verses is really cool, and I imagine it'd be pretty fun to play as well (as well as when it goes on Guitar in the choruses)! The song would be pretty challenging on guitar and drums as well, and sounds like it'd be a pretty fun full-band experience.

    Kansas – Down the Road

    I wasn't expecting Kansas to sound quite like this, but sure, this song is pretty fun to listen to! I imagine guitar and drums would be really challenging, with drums doing some rather intense jazz patterns, and guitar having quite a few solos, between guitar, violin, and organ. Bass would also just be shy of devil tier, due to parts of the bridge being challenging, even if the rest of it seems like such a breather compared to guitar. And vocals has a lot of quick slides and such that I feel would be rather challenging as well (especially when singing along to the second violin solo bit).

    Fair to Midland – Rikki Tikki Tavi

    Damn those are some dynamics in this song! I kinda get a System of a Down vibe from this song (it sorta reminds me of Spiders and ATWA a bit, at least), mixed with Mastodon during the heavy parts. Sounds like it'd be a pretty fun full band experience as well, switching between the heavier alt-metal parts and the more calm, soft rock-ish choruses.

    The Cult – Fire Woman

    This song's pretty good, why don't we have more The Cult in Rock Band, anyways? :p But yeah this song's a classic, and would be great to have in the game. The drum solo would raise the tier quite a bit, though the rest would be a comfortable 2 or 3 dots, so I'd say 4 dots for that. As for guitar, there are some parts that sound challenging, but a lot of it is slower, so I'm thinking maybe a late 3 dots for it. Sounds like a pretty fun full-band song as well.

    K.K. Slider vs Ice Cube – K.K. Good Day

    This mashup is f***ing great! These two songs work almost too well with eachother :p As for tiers, it seems most of the vocals would be rapped, and would result in a lot of talkies, though the whistling and K.K. Slider samples at the end would probably go on vocals, resulting in I think a two-dot tier. Bass and drums seem pretty laid back in general, though near the end bass picks up a bit, though would still result in a relatively low tier. Guitar sounds like it'd be a pretty fun and accessible chart, between the K.K. Slider sample and the original guitar from Good Day. As for the album art, I had a good friend edit the YouTube image into something usable for this template.

    Emilie Autumn – Dead Is the New Alive (Manipulator Mix by Dope Stars Inc.)

    When you said “Let's get edgy!” I got scared you meant in the modern context (aka “Let's see how offensive we can get!”) but thankfully you meant as it was used in the mid-2000's :p This is pretty cool, like the industrial gothic feel to it. As for tiers, I imagine guitar would be charted through most of it, except for the electric violin solo (at least I think that's what that is), thus the higher tier for it. Drums I imagine would be pretty challenging during the verses, and I think I heard a disco beat in the outro, so I'm thinking four dots for that as well. Overall another song that sounds like it'd be pretty fun!
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Pair Metal, The Hit Sequel

    Not my kind of week, but good to see others excited for more Skid Row! And again thanks for the new free songs, those are awesome!
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread - Discover LA: KROQ Locals Only Pack!

    Thanks, that worked, @Dangimarocker ! Now to post my opinions of the pack!

    Assuming We Survive - Open Water

    My personal favorite of the pack, and also the one I find most fun on guitar! We need more post-hardcore like this in the future. Weird that it's labelled as "Rock" though; it coulda easily fit in either Punk or Emo, both of which are genres that we don't get enough of, IMO.

    Hunny - Shy

    Sure, this song is alright, maybe not the most within my wheelhouse of musical taste, but I enjoy it for what it is. It's a fine warming-up song as well, at least on guitar (has some The Cure-esque alt-strums, but is overall manageable).

    In the Valley Below - Bloodhands (Oh My Fever)

    This song is weeeeird. It's indietronica, but then the choruses suddenly have black metal tremolo picking. The only part I didn't really like musically was the outro, when they started repeating "Oh my fever," but that's just a matter of musical taste. Still an interesting get for sure.

    Nightmare Air - Who's Your Lover?

    This song is also pretty alright, like the spacey feel of it. This is also a fine warming-up sort of song, probably the easiest in the pack on guitar at least, yet is still pretty fun overall.

    No Small Children - Radio

    Am I the only one finding it kinda funny that a pack sponsored by a radio station includes a song about wanting to be on the radio? :p This song is alright, it's the fun, light pop-rock sort of thing I used to listen to all the time. It's also a pretty accessible song overall, though I can understand someone just starting out on Expert guitar being tripped out by the chords in the chorus.

    Overall, a pretty fun pack, and I'm very glad we got it as free DLC! This is one of the better free selections, actually, and I recommend at least looking at every song in it (hey, they're free!).