• Re: LiveHomeVideo's Rock Band 5 Setlist (Plus DLC!)

    Alright, here's to the first tier comparison of this thread! And more to come, of course, once Freewill and Cirice get released, and the former should be coming next week to boot.

    "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" comparison

    Overall, this turned out pretty good. Drums are spot-on (obviously), vocals and bass are one dot off, and guitar is two dots off. I imagine you charted guitar so high because of the wonky keyboard solo. I'm going to buy it later today, so I'll see if it's really as hard as it seems.

    Also, I have to admit, the way you do your tier images makes it much easier to make these, and overall, I think it looks much cleaner than some of the other comparisons I do :)
    Thanks, linked the comparison alongside the tier proper! I tiered guitar so high because I expected the xylophone in the outro to be charted to guitar as well, though Harmonix chose not to, and as thus their chart is easier than expected. That said, I do think their 3-dot tier is a bit low as-is from what I saw, I'd say a 4-dot tier would be more fitting. Though yeah, without that crazy xylophone stuff in the outro, I can definitely see why their chart wouldn't be as highly tiered as my prediction.
  • Re: What were the last movies you watched?

    App (2013)

    So this is a movie about a killer app. As in, it's an app that spreads compromising media, and then kills people. This is one of the most ridiculous premises I've heard, but as someone who watches trash cinema almost daily, I decided "sure, let's watch this." I gotta tell you, it was quite worth it.

    If you love dubs that don't remotely match the lip movements of the on-screen actors, random genre-shifting (one moment it's a sex comedy, then a slasher-style film, then an action/suspense movie, before mixing together "heart-throb" drama, mystery, and M. Knight Shyamalan-style plot twists into one confection of what-the-f***), and some of the silliest scares in film history, you've come to the right place. It's not a shoddily-put-together film, like a lot of so-bad-it's-good movies. Rather, there seems to be a surprisingly high production value here, for an independent foreign film, what with high quality cameras and visual effects that, while not as flashy as in other films, definitely feel more grounded in reality than most schlock.

    That said, the plot itself, as well as the English dubbing (yes, I watch bad foreign films with English dubs; I feel it really adds to the schlockness of it all) make it one hell of a wild ride. The story is of a college student who finds a weird app on her phone called "Iris" (spell it backwards, because apparently hidden messages in backward spelling is a common thing in schlock cinema), that appears to be a virtual assistant. However, things start to go wrong when it starts leaking compromising videos of the people around her, as well as acting really sinister for no reason. She now has to track down where the virus came from, and try to save her friends from the app actively trying to kill them in the process.

    The film seems to be very anti-smartphone, to the point where there's a whole subplot that essentially equates to "CELL PHONE CULTURE KILLS, KIDS!" I find this adds to the hilarity of it all, especially since the movie shipped with an actual app you can download while watching the movie to see extra content. I don't have a smart phone, but even if I did, I'm not gonna trust some indie horror flick to prompt me to install an app while watching it.

    Overall, I highly recommend watching this, if you're like me and like to laugh at weird-ass films that are full of surprises. Of course, if you're wanting some sort of legitimate good indie horror film, this isn't it.

    3/10, 10/10 for comedic purposes
  • Re: June Update Patch Notes!

    Just wanted to update, after not being able to sleep tonight, I decided to check again, and I finally have those shirts! Thanks for the help, everyone!
  • Re: LiveHomeVideo's Rock Band 5 Setlist (Plus DLC!)

    Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want to Have Fun [CONFIRMED FOR RB4 DLC]

    Wasn't expecting that to be one of this month's surprise songs, but will definitely pick it up. And looking forward to the comparison, @MCSMeister
  • Re: LiveHomeVideo's Rock Band 5 Setlist (Plus DLC!)

    And now for a week that's sort of just a gimme. This week's DLC is tied to Metal Blade's upcoming 35th Anniversary tour, so here's a pack of bands from the Metal Blade label! Expect to see a lot of devil tiers, what with blast beats, fast guitar lines, and all that. *Please note that I am not affiliate with this record label, I do plan on doing more packs like this with other record labels whenever it becomes at least slightly relevant*

    Metal Blade Records 01

    Abnormality - Cymatic Hallucinations (Tier)
    Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God (Tier)
    Between the Buried and Me - Telos (Tier)
    Cannibal Corpse - Pit of Zombies (Tier)
    Cattle Decapitation - Manufactured Extinct (Tier)
    Whitechapel - I, Dementia (Tier)