• Re: What Are You Doing Right Now? Part SEVENTEEN - Court of Owls

    There's Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers in theaters. Are we sure this is 2017.
    They both have gay characters, apparently, and I doubt that would happen in the 90's.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: VR Singles!

    Harmonix is in some serious dire straits. Couldn't afford to license the letter r for the word drowns.

    I've heard rumors they are soon to be bankruptcy. Seems like it's true after all.

    There, there, Mr. Owl. You can live in my barn once Harmonix goes under.

    I just wanna say, that gif is absolutely adorable and it made my day. :)
  • Re: rock band vr songs in 4 day 1

    I vote 0% chance of them all being in Rivals day one.
    That's what I said, why did you disagree with me? Maybe I worded it weird?
    Misclick dragging a phone screen.
    Fair enough.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Week of 3/14: Danger Zone

    They are completely separate trilogies, but you should play the original anyway because ME2 was the best game of last generation.
    Rock Band 3 was the best game of last generation, in my humble opinion.
    Tbh, RB3 is my second-favorite game of all time, first place being Undertale. RB3 is also the game I've put the most hours in (I'm well into the thousands, with even more spend offline and playing with other folks). Even nowdays with RB4, I find myself going back to play RB3 to play old, delisted songs I have, RBN songs, and exports I can't get on my PS4 (I was on Xbox last generation).
  • Re: DLC Discussion Week of 3/14: Danger Zone

    Shepard isn't even IN this Mass Effect trilogy, goll!
    Whelp, that's what I get for intentionally avoiding news/spoilers for the new game since I haven't beaten the old trilogy yet :/

    I'll correct my mistake in-game next chance I get.