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    I never thought "It's nice to not have to spend so much money to participate" would be such a controversial statement...
  • Re: What were the last TV shows you watched?

    If you want a kid's show that's simple, and at the same time f***ing weird and abstract, may I suggest Arthur?

    You're probably thinking, "Wait, you mean that PBS slice-of-life cartoon with the weird animal people who I can't figure out what they're even supposed to be?" Yes, that one. I've been recently watching a lot of it, and it's a billion times weirder than I remembered it being. Fourth-wall breaking is this show's second language, as well as surprisingly weird and sometimes even mindblowing plot twists. Yet it's all simple enough to where it doesn't feel like some sort of epic thing.

    They also have an episode featuring Bang-On-A-Can All-Stars, of all things, so there's that.
  • Re: Let Witticus Draw Your Favorite Pokémon.

    @Lawdog1521 I present Squeeveward. Most of my art is about the impossible task of creating things people won't be sexual attracted to. My mission became clear after browsing the Eevee image search. Seriously there can't be that many people sexually attracted to dog rabbits!?
    Welcome to the internet, where you'll find porn of literally anything. Don't stare into the abyss too long, you may never be the same...
  • Re: What Are You Doing Right Now? Part SEVENTEEN - Court of Owls

    Every year my town has a motorcycle show on the main street, and last year they started having live music alongside. They're doing so again this year, and since I live really close to the stage, I get to listen to the free concerts from my bedroom.

    Unfortunately, the bands aren't great. The funk/classic rock band that's playing now is fine, the band before it was pretty bad, though. They essentially played all the same songs you'd hear on a classic rock station, only with bad, drunken falsetto and mediocre playing. Oh well, it was fun to listen to regardless, only because I'm a fan of hilariously bad performances.
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