• Re: Your Rock Band victory for the week...!

    I have no problem accumulating disagrees, so this isn't about that. :)

    But I am curious: do you think I lied about getting the 900 cheevo?
    Nah you didn't lie ... it's just that you posted it as a 'victory' whereas it's actually 'pointless' XD
    Ahhh... you don't understand the futility of my Rock Band career and therefore disagree that earning that cheevo was a victory. Got it.
  • Re: March 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Luck of the Fightin' Irish

    Who are we to tell somebody else how to distribute their own creations? Sure I want the big names in RB, but it's not my stuff so I don't get a say.
  • Re: Sterling Archer...

    I'm not sure why they made him an outfit and not a roster member.
    Great point. Why aren't he and the mushroom head just pre-made chars you can pick?
  • Re: RB4 MIC: MadCatz, PDP, or Wii U?

    Ever since my RB1 mic died almost a decade ago, I refuse to bash the mic for tambo hits. It's the "A" button or clapping in front of the mic-stand-mounted mic for me!

    I actually prefer the clapping approach for the immersion factor, but sprawled out on the couch with mic in one hand and controller in the other, using the controller for both percussion and for activation, has a certain je ne sais quoi that can't be beat.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Week of 3/14: Danger Zone

    The avatars just for PS4 or both consoles?
    PS4 only, sorry. We do what we can on the consoles we can do them on.