• Re: What Are You Doing Right Now? Part SEVENTEEN - Court of Owls

    I tried listening to the Sessions session whilst driving around. I couldn't stand it and turned it off. Amerikkka is so depressing these days.

    It's actually probably the same amount of depressing as it's always been, except now we can't pretend that it's great because we know too much about how it really is.
  • Re: June Update Patch Notes!

    884 = totally elite! don't let the super-elite on the boards tell you otherwise!
    I like the way you think, brutha! B) lolz
  • Re: DLC to RB4 - (Xbox - Gay Bar, The Power of Equality, DSB, Smooth Criminal)

    Ya know, I like Green Day and all. And I bought GDRB on release day, the Plus Pack. But I would definitely prefer to have only 25 GD songs and 22 various tracks that influenced GD in my current library instead of 47 freaking songs by the same band.

    It's actually 47 + even more DLC. Sorry, that's just too much by one band.
  • Re: June Update Patch Notes!

    @joseph5185 and @AndyTheIndigoer : WHY THE HECK AREN'T YOU GUYS GRINDING RIGHT NOW?!?!??!?!?!?

    lolz B)
  • Re: June Update Patch Notes!

    Those things that were introduced in RB 3 that I still have no idea how to play correctly.
    You and me both. See people here saying it'll make songs easier to FC but all the lanes do is for me is make songs unfc able. Looking at Cold as Ice by Foreigner as a perfect example. I know on older songs I've fced trills far longer and faster but thanks to those lanes after countless tries. More like 50ish total in RB3 alone it is not possible for me to land the lanes. Same for tremolo lanes. Can never get that last note to register.
    Stop strumming just shy of the end of the lane so that you don't over-strum the ending.