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    Interesting, in that I find the Band of Horses track the weakest of the bunch by far. A "pack breaker", in fact.
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    hello everyone!
    Yesterday my girlfriend bought me rock band 4 ps4 as a present (nice girl :D)
    since I own almost all the previous games (rb1, rb2, lego rock band, beatles rock band,rock band3) and many dlc songs I've started searching how to play all those songs on rock band 4.
    If I understand correctly I cannot play rock band 1,2 lego and beatles on rb4.
    I can play rb3 songs if I buy the export key (15€)

    but what about the dlc? I have bought A LOT of dlc on the previous titles such as linkin park pack, coldplay pack, oasis pack, kings of leon pack, blink 182 pack and so on...
    If I try to download these songs on rb4 it wants me to pay for them and they should be free, shouldn't they?
    how to get them for free? do I have to buy the rb3 export to be able to paly the dlc songs?
    You don't say what you played RB1/2/3 on. If it was on PS3 then you should be sorta good, except for the lame-ness of Sony Europe. If you played RB1/2/3 on Xbox then you have no entitlements to the songs on Playstation.

    Later you mentioned buying lots of songs on "NTSC". Does that mean you were buying from Sony America versus Sony Europe? (If ti was Xbox anything you are completely out of luck already.) I don't know how the entitlements work across the different Sony stores, but that could also be a problem for you.
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    Kaepernick is getting unjustly black-balled by NFL teams because he is a black man in a traditional white man role, QB, and he dared to speak the truth about America with a non-violent, silent, and perfectly selected protest.

    Don't believe me? Just check out the black running backs and linemen that continue to have roster spots who are doing the same type of protest.
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    Just Hit Fast-Forward, They'll Never Know: Songs with an instrumental outro of more than 60 seconds. Official non-extended studio versions only.
    BONUS CHALLENGE: No Pink Floyd or country songs

    1. "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" - The Beatles
    2. "L.A. Murder Motel" - Poni Hoax
    3. "Tunnel of Love" - Dire Straits
    4. "Southbound" - The Allman Brothers Band
    5. "Wakin on a Pretty Daze" - Kurt Vile
    6. "Sphinx" - Harry Thumann
    7. "Out of the Blue" - Roxy Music
    8. "Golden Country" - REO Speedwagon
    9. "The Thrill Is Gone" - B.B. King