• Re: 11 Free Tracks from Local Bands headed to Rock Band Rivals

    You just have to one star rate them and hide one star tracks and the problem is solved, no need to get mad at free songs lol
    Not that I agree with indignant poster's attitude, but the hide 1-star thing only works in quick play at present.
  • Re: RockBandAide's PAX East 2017 interview with Harmonix (RB4, entitlements, RBVR, DropMix and more!)

    I personally stopped playing because audio delay made it impossible to play with.

    Then I learned about a month or so ago that they've had a calibration guide around since forever so I should probably do that.
    I read about an audio delay in reference to XB1, but I think that was old info. Curious to see if what you mentioned fixes that issue.
    I have not had an audio lag problem playing Rocksmith guitar. I use an optical cable.

    And the keys to learning guitar are the possession of self motivation, self discipline and persistence.

    Lack of inherent talent can be overcome by practice.
    So question to you or anyone else...what would be a decent, inexpensive guitar to try to use with RS to learn?

    EDIT: Also, the game + cable is currently $38 on Amazon. From a quick search, it seems that's a pretty good price. Can anyone confirm?
    $38 for the Cable+game is indeed a pretty good deal.

    As for guitar recommendations, you have to define your budget. To some people $79 is inexpensive, to others that have looked at real Gibsons then "under $500" might be inexpensive. There is no "right" answer.

    To me, a super cheap sub $100 guitar is just that: super cheap and sub-par. It will be difficult to play and difficult to tune, and it won't want to stay in tune. And you probably won't want to play it. Unless you score some kind of lucky amazing used guitar deal.

    I'd ask around first and see if you have any family or friends that have an electric guitar sitting around that's just gathering dust. Ask if you can borrow it for a couple of weeks or a couple of months. If it's a cheap POS then you can experience that and understand why you don't want to pay for something that cheap. (Money thrown away.) If it's nice, then you'll have a ball-park of what you'll want to spend.

    Your first guitar doesn't need to be a $1500 American Strat, but it also shouldn't be something that makes you *NOT* want to pick it up. I personally think today's sweet spot for "cheap" guitars is around $350: you can get some pretty amazing guitars for around that or a little less today, thanks to CNC wood machining. Epiphone Les Paul and SG pro models are really nice. There are some killer Fenders in the low-end too, but at about $1500 for a US made Strat I'm just saving my pennies for one of those and not even bothering to look at their lower end gear. $1500 is a lot, but in the world of classic American made models it's pretty cheap! Schecter and other lesser known guitar makers are also cranking out some awesome axes in Singapore and South Korea that sell in that price range, and you can't really go wrong with those. (I currently have 3 Schecters.)

    $350 is still a lot if you don't end up liking it and sticking with it. That's why I say ask around and see of you can borrow a currently unused one. Then you're only out $38 when you realize it's tough to do and you don't want to invest the time. And then if you are digging it and want to get a decent guitar, $350 isn't *too* traumatic of a sum to save up.
  • Re: Rocksmith & Rocksmith 2014 discussion thread

    All I can say to this announcement is:


    As long as we get Youth Gone Wild, 18 and Life, and I Remember You, I don't even care what the other two are I'm buying the pack!
  • Re: March 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Luck of the Fightin' Irish

    I don't care what the naysayers think. Danger Zone is the best 80s over the top cheese ballad you can get and I am damn excited for this.
    Agreed. I bough it for Rocksmith and I'll buy it for RB4!
  • Re: Your Rock Band victory for the week...!

    Hit Level 50 this week by GSFCing Heart-Shaped Box on bass, and also we managed to stop the platinum-diamond yoyo, however briefly, by staying safe in Diamond this week.
    Which reminds me... my crew hit our biggest period of stability ever... third week in a row in the same tier (Diamond).
    We did three weeks in a row over the xmas holiday, when I presume many top crew people were visiting family instead of playing. I have no explanation for this current run in Diamond.

    tl;dr This isn't our first time ever. We need to hold serve one more week to set a record! ;)