• Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Bass Race

    I wanted to pop in and say that "Super Freak" has legit instrument separation! And surprisingly, this song actually has a guitar part. None of the synth or piano parts are charted to guitar. Nor is the saxophone solo at the end.

    Fully separated stems and no alt-charting is a rarity these days, so I couldn't be happier! Feels like winning the lottery when we get songs like this nowadays.
  • Re: The second year of RB4 - Discussion thread

    one console, one instrument online play was a big miss...
    that is all I have to say

    It makes an already limited system (no matchmaking) 100% useless to me and the wife.

    And then they will say "Our surveys show only 1% of the people are using online play, so we are not putting resources into it."
    They can monitor how many players actually use online multiplayer without doing a survey.
    Yeah, and when it comes up to 1% because 14% of the real 15% that would play online don't because it's only one person per console... then what?
  • Re: Which artists in Rock Band have you seen in real life?

    Oh yeah, I added A7X and Metallica last month. A7X put on a great show, but Metallica was such a freaking over-the-top super show that I practically forgot about A7Xs performance.

    Metallica was that good. I was never a huge fan, but i am so glad I snagged those tickets the minute they went on sale. I'm a big fan now.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Suspect Singles

    I saw that A7x was the spotlight song and my first thought was "meh, I already have a bunch of A7x songs".

    But then I remembered that I have *ALL* the A7x songs. Because I like them. And I bought them all. So this is a good thing. :)
  • Re: Greatest Rock Band Rig? / Post Yours

    Here's my house tonight.