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    Hey: Black Flag confirmed!!!

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    Life is so strange, when you don't know...
  • Re: Drummer sought for Emergency Rooster (XB1): Cluck Yeah!

    I welcome the fool who can single-handedly carry us to BloodStone!!!

    Otherwise I welcome a new member who likes to play, won't get mad at me for lagging if they feel like logging 100k XP in a week, and likes to have fun and play Rock Band.

    My personal goal in the crew is to always get at least 10 plays per challenge week to get the participation medal, hope for a low-dot bass or drum song so I can snag a spotlight spot for a change, and to be available to grind on the rare occasion that we decide as a group to make some crazy push for advancement. :)
  • Re: $2.99 a song?

    I've already gotten 102 minutes of entertainment out of that $2.99 expense, and one of my RB party-goers texted me saying they can't wait to play it at the next party. :)

    The drums are darn fun, so IMO if you are a drummer this song it completely worth it. Singers that don't love the song and like listening to the extended guitar and drum solos? Prolly a pass. Guitar and bass are pretty good, but the big breaks do kinda suck.

    That last guitar solo has me wanting King Crimson "Elephant Talk" in the game.
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