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    He's got SOME taste. Back when I was single, occasionally Lawdog and I would find ourselves competing over the same woman, when we would both fall for the classiest most sophisticated, educated, debutant, high society bus station skank.
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    Cranky Old Man Rant of the Day:

    Back in my day, TVs would last for 30 years. Anything less than 10, you probably dropped it. Or shot it [like Elvis].
    Now they get dead pixels or black lines on them (or don't even turn on at all) after 3 years. 5 years at the outside.

    And don't get me started on phones! They batteries won't hold a charge after 18 months, and you're not supposed to replace them on your own, and any way the processor on them is running so slowly by then it's not worth the hassle.

    Just when I'm ready to spend extra money for something a bit nicer and more durable, that option becomes unavailable at any price. "Cheap enough to be disposable" is the only smart choice, and adopting that kind of attitude is basically giving the middle finger to mother nature.

    I bought a make-do-for-now cheap TV and it makes me use ARC and now I can't get surround sound on my receiver when watching movies on my PS3. And with today's TVs, the image of lips moving never matches up exactly with the voice you hear any more. People just ignore it and accept it. The brain is an amazing thing, you will get used to it and the bad sync won't drive you crazy, until you think about it and pay attention and notice that it's actually not working correctly. WTF?

    End rant. For now.
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    Gettin' down on Tuesday
    Everybody's lookin' forward to the DLC
    We-we-we so excited
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    I was probably going to buy both anyway — hopefully the mix is great on both songs, then there will be no harm / no foul
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    And heart break will keep happening! It's universal, and timeless.
    Just like love itself. Right?