• Re: What Are You Doing Right Now? Part SEVENTEEN - Court of Owls

    I just flex in the nude in front of my PS4. The bugs stay away.
    especially the lady bugs
  • Re: As you may have heard...

    Josh, you really were "the face of Harmonix" to me until this point, I find this course of events baffling. I am 100% certain you'll wind up in a good place after this.
  • Re: October 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Scary Monsters and Nice FCs

    I was assuming that the impression I was getting that "Harmonix continues to shrink every year" wasn't actually accurate, and even if it is, that they were still looking "OK" for the first part of 2018 at minimum. Beyond that, no one can do anything but guess.

    I'll assume they are going to be fine, this is normal, that they are at a stable size in the long run. You never know for sure, but that's true for every company (and every person), right?

    It's pretty crushing to lose Josh. That doesn't seem very "normal". But I'm not privy to what's going on up there, or to what's "normal" in businesses like theirs, in general.
  • Re: A Quick Update

    I worry about things because I hope that if I've already considered all of the bad possible outcomes, I won't be caught unawares if one of those bad things actually happened. Maybe it would hurt less. Maybe it would even magically prevent the bad thing from happening.

    Nope, it didn't work.

    Harmonix lays off 14 in bid to ‘reduce overhead'

    I'm so sorry to read about this. Best of luck (a quick re-hiring somewhere else? at a better salary?) to everyone affected.
  • Re: A Quick Update

    I thought it was a "concept" that is still not ready to reveal, and not songs. New gameplay mode / features / venues?
    In any case if songs are delayed they will never tell you which ones they are, because they don't want to make the rights holder look bad in any way.

    I certainly don't expect to get a double-dose of songs next week.