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    No, I'm sorry, it was YESTERDAY that was National Stress Relief Day. I hope you found the day relaxing. You can try again on August 15th of next year.
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    Somehow I had never seen the video for "I Want To Break Free" before.
    I queued it up and my jaw dropped.
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    You don't kidnap someone giving you free Rock Band drums!
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    I found Killing Floor 2 stressful and frustrating. It's very possible that I am just too unskilled at FPS games to be able to appreciate it; maybe others here will love it.

    Even on level 1, I am immediately swarmed by an assortment of super-fast zombies. The whole level is me shooting while fleeing backwards. There's no strategy, no hiding, no stealth, there are a just a bunch of different zombies released into the facility, and they all know where you are instantly and rush you at a speed faster than you can move or aim at them.

    There's a fat zombie that released a noxious gas when punctured. And a screamer zombie that maybe disables you? And super-fast crab critters that are on you before you can even think of aiming. Kind of like Left for Dead, but much busier. You don't peek into a room and see them wandering. You are a instant zombie magnet.

    What's good: land a head-shot or catch several with a grenade and it goes to a slo-mo cinematic for a couple of seconds. Neat! Also it's probably supposed to be played multiplayer with each of you supporting the other. But I am not playing with randoms, I am certain that they will all hate me for sucking and kick me out (after yelling nasty slurs). The perk system looks fun, you pick a style of fighting (~15 different) and permanently level up your skills. Each class has its own separate tree. In theory that could be fun to work on.

    You can weld doors shut! In theory. I was swarmed before I could start on that task.

    Also, there are zombie clowns, which is just annoying. Unimaginative. And all I could think about was how much @Dadasaurus Rex would hate it.

    Please, someone else play it and tell me i am wrong.
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    Loopy we already knew you were a diamond in the rough