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    Has anyone in UK been able to download Don't Stop Believing? It still says unavailable for me.
    I got mine and I'm from the UK. Try restoring licences or logging out and logging back in :)
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    Thanks for making Follow Me Down available!

    Here's hoping the legacy & delisted DLC fixes keep coming!

    Is anyone actually checking if any DLC got fixed lately? Coz it's been a while since i checked.
    Smells like teen spirit and gives you hell I think were the last ones that were fixed.

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    Lets party like it's 2009! :D
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    Wait are we talking standalone hardware or the game hardware bundles? Because I saw the hardware bundles in GAME Birmingham the other day with a PEGI rating and everything. Even took a picture since it was being talked about here :wink:
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    Granted a lot more goes on "behind the scenes" in any company like your ISP/cellphone provider etc, but what I don't understand is this, (sorry if someone already cleared this one up). But; if SCEA users have access to the legacy tracks (either as individual files or as a few larger files labelled according to their original release title), then which law is stopping "SCEA employee Smith" from transferring copies of the files in question, over to "SCEE employee Smith" for addition to the master database which the PS4 console interfaces with when it provides the credentials of an SCEE user account. Granted the file system and the programming language of the Sony console/systems/databases is not the same as a Windows PC, so it is not as simple as "copy C:\RockBandLegacy\RB2.??? to external drive F:" and so on, but if a PS4 console (irrespective of geographical point of purchase), can interface with both the SCEA and SCEE PSN Store database, which laws are blocking the duplication and transfer of files from the SCEA PSN Store database to the SCEE PSN Store Database. If its been made available on one database, it can be made available on any other database which is written in the same programming language.
    It's almost certainly a lot more complicated than that. Consider SIEA, Xbox, and SIEE to be three completely different companies. SIEA has zero obligation to share or do anything for SIEE. SIEE has entirely different methods of managing content submissions and a messy bureaucracy of content approval (immediately consisting of 105 Euro-African nations, not counting the various PAL island nations of the Pacific). It's a managerial nightmare.

    In contrast, SIEA has the big three of North America and then the handful of Central and South American countries that they treat equally. Xbox keeps all regions of the world under one roof.

    It makes sense that this is happening with SIEE. It makes sense that Harmonix is struggling to get them to cooperate (remember how many countries). It makes sense that fans are angry and that staff can't do much to ease the frustration. None of this is particularly.

    The blame here lies entirely with SIEE. They've created this mess, and are too incompetent to handle the flood of Rock Band entitlements. The only question I have is this: what are you gonna do about it? Are you going to take your aggressions out at the people on this board, or will you start demanding that SIEE do better?

    Harmonix is on your side here, friends. Xbox and SIEA - they put in the work and got us our content, and we're all grateful. SIEE? Pfft.
    Speaking of which we need to find a better way to do that. I comment on the EU blog most weeks (as do a lot of other people) and we just get silence. And damn, there were a few weeks where Rock Band complaints took up like a third of the comments and we still got nothing :(. So that doesn't work. And emailing Sony's support just gets you an automated message. Is there any other way of poking SIEE?

    I've heard a lot of legal talk in this thread but I think if that was possible at least one of us would have taken action with it by now...though speaking of which does anyone have a reference for the suppose Rocksmith lawsuit? I've heard a lot about it from here but I've not seen any evidence that that actually happened.