Hi everybody!


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  • This Song for Dance Central 4! ^-^

    I love this song so much that I want to see it in Dance Central 4. I hope you guys agree too. :) This song gives me a loving feeling. :3

    Run by Matt Nathanson feat. Sugarland

    Enjoy! <3
  • Re: Which Xbox do you want for Dance Central 4?

    I personally would want it for both systems. We all know that Dance Central has started with the Xbox 360. However, if people want to have Dance Central 4, then it should be for both systems. That way, Dance Central 4 could be for Xbox 360 just like the other Dance Central games, and it could be featured on Xbox One as the next big thing. Plus, it would seem fair for people, because a lot of people have either Xbox 360 or Xbox One. So please, Harmonix, make Dance Central 4 for both systems. Please! The fans beg you for this!

    Also, can we please have new choreographies for the songs in Dance Central4? I would really like to dance to new dance moves. :) I'm pretty sure everyone would like that. ^-^