• Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Week of 2/1 – Daft Punk, Kelly Clarkson, and Outkast!

    More Daft Punk please!
  • Re: Rock Band 4 Export Guide - Unofficial

    Well, guess that means that *no one* is getting the export today ... *grrrrr*
    ....based on what? SCEE? They're not known for being prompt.
  • Re: Great job with the reviews on Amazon, Harmonix!

    To everyone who thinks people are making a big deal about this:

    Could I get some links and citations as to what these bloodthirsty people are demanding? Because all I'm asking is a deletion of reviews that break Amazon's ToS. Would love to see what others out there are asking for.
  • Re: RB4 - Rumors and Facts

    When SCRUFF members RSVP to receive the exclusive content code, they will also see and be able to chat with other SCRUFF members who have RSVP’d and are fellow players of Rock Band 4. Additionally, Rock Band 4 players will be able to adorn SCRUFF brand apparel on their in-game models when Rock Band 4 releases a free content update on December 8th.
    Wowee, how cool is that?

    Forget about bringing back old costumes or expanding our customization options, let's put some logos here and there because it was part of some deal most people won't care about. I'll be pretty sour if this seemingly gigantic update doesn't bring more outfits as well.
  • Re: Great job with the reviews on Amazon, Harmonix!

    ^ I think you make a couple good points but youre making WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY bigger of a deal about this than is needed. Its laughable. Have you ever worked for a small company? Have you had any experience with the inner workings of a small business?
    Here's a more relevant question, have you ever read Amazon's Terms of Service regarding reviews?