• Re: Introducing Rock Band 4 for PC – the Harmonix Fig Campaign

    Boy I sure would like that tier where I get to have dinner with Advisory Board members of Fig!

  • Re: Great job with the reviews on Amazon, Harmonix!

    I know I know.. I said I would leave.
    Last post promise..

    He brings up a very good point about HMX coming out and addressing this issue.

    The companies he mentioned especially and MANY others wouldn't of cared less.
    You can book that!

    Okay... I'm really going now.
    Harmonix wouldn't have issued jack had they not been caught and headlines made about their biggest game right now. They're all companies, and EA, Activision, and yes, even Harmonix will reply swiftly to anything that can affect their business negatively.

    I await your broken promise.
  • Re: Great job with the reviews on Amazon, Harmonix!

    @nineismine You call people who call out unethical behaviors being committed by a developer they like immature and accuse them of living in a fantasy world, and the best you have to back this up is...
    'there's bigger problems in the world!'

    I think I'd prefer being called immature for pointing out Harmonix employees broke the rules, than be apologetic towards anything and everything Harmonix does and threaten naysayers with spankings.