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    SomUppy, explain why the "complete rokudrama is 15 points. Why reaching level 50 is a similar paltry amount. They should have been 50 and 150 easy given the time investment, the dollar figure, etc.

    It's the scor value, not the number. If anything, high point values is a selling point for achievement hunters. That the point values are so low is ridiculous.
    Think of it like a skill thing. You don't need a lot of skill, just a lot of hours to get both of those achievements. If it was for example "Gold Star every song on expert difficulty in a Rockudrama Run" then that should be worth like 50GS or a Silver/Gold trophy.

    But back on the 360 there have been achievements worth 0 points which were super hard or time consuming. I think call of duty:World at War had a 0 point achievement for reaching 10th prestige. So, you know, could be worse.
    And that's why only idiots went for those 0 point hours long achievements. They're worthless

    Bottom line, I'm right, there was nothing stopping a decent sized score here. The good news is that correcting it is extremely simple on the One. Just go in and edit the file, push the update to the he server, and voila.

    Woah well sorry Mr Big shot. I doubt people went for these achievements intentionally, most of them are associated with natural progression.

    They aren't going to update the gamerscore/trophies because one guy can't appreciate the fun the game has to offer and whines about things like a little baby. Playing rhythm games for achievement hunting is such a stupid idea because it costs a lot to even be able to get all the trophies (you'll need all the instruments) PLUS you need to actually be decent at the game to get all of them. Getting good at rhythm games takes wayyyy longer than it does to beat a shooter or an RPG on the highest difficulty. Most people don't even get out of medium.

    I was being nice, and you went and pooped on me calling me and idiot, damn.

    Furthermore, what you call "correcting" many of us call a waste of resources.
    Titanfall rank 10, zero points, dozens of hours. That level 50 is probably 20-30 hours.

    And yes they can. The fact they didn't think about it needs to be addressed. This is a thirty dollar game, which I preordered to support even though I wanted exactly $6 worth of the preorder songs.

    Adding appropriate levels of achievement points takes a literal five minutes. You don't care, great, a lot of other people do. If this was $5,$10 DLC I would be ok with it. It's thirty, costs nothing. Maybe thirty bucks isn't a lot to you, but it is to me. I'm not poor, but I value every dollar I make, and the representation of accomplishment my score represents.

  • Only 200 achievement points?

    It's $30, it's been a year so you could've added 1000. For $30 you should have, and can pump them up. I hope a lot more are coming because by this time next year you can have 3000. December update is a good time to fix this.

    Also while you're at it, change "disc song" achievements to "any", so we don't have to suffer through that terrible set list.
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    There is no cap except that you can only add 250 for each 3 months your game is in release. your information is at least 5 years old

    Do you want me to compile a list of single DLC over 250, that also doesn't cost $30?
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    Gamerscore and trophies all have a certain ceiling limit. It's Microsoft and Sony's Rules. Arcade games used to only get 200/250G. Now they can have a thousand. The same can be said of DLC, there is a limit of "points" you can add up to on each system.
    They can add 250 points per quarter (3 months). It's been a year, that's a thousand

    There are plenty of games with 2-3000 points. Halo I believe is up over 5000 for master chief.

    There is no limitation causing this. Couldn't even give 50 points for finishing Rockudrama.

  • Re: September DLC Prediction Thread

    Frankly I'm hoping for, realistically a Bowie movie pack

    The proper version of Heroes
    And for the 30th anniversary......Magic Dance from Labyrinth. You know you want it.

    Pearl Jam Man Pack

    Better Man
    Man of the Hour

    And the impossible crapshoot: GNR Appetite for Destruction