• Re: Only 200 achievement points?

    SomUppy, explain why the "complete rokudrama is 15 points. Why reaching level 50 is a similar paltry amount. They should have been 50 and 150 easy given the time investment, the dollar figure, etc.

    It's the scor value, not the number. If anything, high point values is a selling point for achievement hunters. That the point values are so low is ridiculous.
    Think of it like a skill thing. You don't need a lot of skill, just a lot of hours to get both of those achievements. If it was for example "Gold Star every song on expert difficulty in a Rockudrama Run" then that should be worth like 50GS or a Silver/Gold trophy.

    But back on the 360 there have been achievements worth 0 points which were super hard or time consuming. I think call of duty:World at War had a 0 point achievement for reaching 10th prestige. So, you know, could be worse.
    And that's why only idiots went for those 0 point hours long achievements. They're worthless

    Bottom line, I'm right, there was nothing stopping a decent sized score here. The good news is that correcting it is extremely simple on the One. Just go in and edit the file, push the update to the he server, and voila.

  • Only 200 achievement points?

    It's $30, it's been a year so you could've added 1000. For $30 you should have, and can pump them up. I hope a lot more are coming because by this time next year you can have 3000. December update is a good time to fix this.

    Also while you're at it, change "disc song" achievements to "any", so we don't have to suffer through that terrible set list.
  • Re: Please reconsider the keyboard exclusion petition

    It actually cost very little, and uses the same exact engine that they're using for the drums, which they are supporting. And it wouldn't shock me at all if the keyboard charts are already in there, just in case they decided to bring it back, just takes a patch to unveil them. Expensive supporting keyboards given their investment in the adapter and the existence of the mini projector is very little. Once you have the hardware and the drivers for midi over usb in the game, it's trivial. And the rivals patch will add this
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    Translating analog stick coordinates from x360 is trivial, and I'll bet you a dollar Microsoft already has a program that recaps inputs from the 360 to one automatically from the backwards compatibility program.

    I'm explaining why the situation has changed. Before since they were not manufacturing new keytars there was a very limited audience to sell to. Now they have the midi adapter up and running. It's a complete game changer

  • Re: Please reconsider the keyboard exclusion petition

    I did know how the I/o works. And it still works on MIDI over USB. They already have the base code from RB3, and if you think RB4 is such a departure from RB3 that that code is difficult to integrate, especially after the pro drum code has been done, give me a break. Midi has no auto detect function, and the switch is so the box knows how to translate, and retransmit the incoming data. This cannot be done in software or by direct connection due to console restrictions and rules (the same reason why your remote functions as a controller till you actually play a game). The main obstacle behind keyboards was the lack of driver support and ability to connect real keyboards to the console, as they correctly had no intention of returning the keytar to production. All the hard work is done in the midi pro adapter.

    As you can see, there are many more midi triggers supported for drums than just one code per pad. They are supporting the common channels used for those pieces of kit for maximum compatibility as they didn't want to produce a giganticaly expensive controller that let you map them.


    Again, it's not an issue of expense, it's an issue of will, time in the production schedule, and desire to do so. The inclusion of the key data in existing tracks (as its addition and resubmission of those tracks would likely be a far greater drain on finances and resources, even with the ability to patch things individual songs by patching the main game) is speculation on my part. Computers are great at being blind to anything they're not told to look for, so it's inclusion wouldn't break things. Oh and the keys are done on the analog sticks simply because there is no other way to send that many inputs to the system through the standard controller interface. Of even greater benefit is that you can include velocity data with those if you so choose (the buttons have limited velocity data tracking, but virtually no one ever uses it).