• Re: Please reconsider the keyboard exclusion petition

    It actually cost very little, and uses the same exact engine that they're using for the drums, which they are supporting. And it wouldn't shock me at all if the keyboard charts are already in there, just in case they decided to bring it back, just takes a patch to unveil them. Expensive supporting keyboards given their investment in the adapter and the existence of the mini projector is very little. Once you have the hardware and the drivers for midi over usb in the game, it's trivial. And the rivals patch will add this
  • Re: Do you like monthly DLC announcements or weekly?

    Please don't listen to the whiner. They're a masochist who like self flagellation. If you can't muster interest in playing a game because you know what songs will be released, you have much bigger issues.

    If the paperwork is done and it's happening, let us know immediately. There is no reason to keep things secret and wait to know things you can know now with no harmful side effects. This also helps people plan for big buys, like when you drop Appetite for Destruction when GNR goes on tour along with all the good stuff from the rest (November Rain is not optional). And when you finally drop Who Wants to Live Forever for Highlander's 30th anniversary.

    Yes, that's pure speculation, but I'd still like to know if I'm dropping $25 on rock band ;)

    Just because people can't resist peaking at their Christmas presents is no reason to resume denying everyone else.

  • Re: BIG ISSUE with prices in the rock band store :'(

    One thing is remember is that while it looks like you're overtaxed, It actually ends up being the same or less often times when you add up the services you pay for that are included in their taxes, like health insurance.

    Inexplicably, the average UK income is half again or more than the US, but their Blu-rays are often close to half the price.

  • Re: One direction in Rock Band stinks

    I just got the Email saying Harmony singers should rejoice.

    I might if they actually sang their harmonies live (they don't. They're on playback outside their home octave) and weren't auto tuned to hell in the studio.

    If you gave me some N'sync if certainly feel differently. No matter what you think of their music, they certainly could sing and dance.

  • Re: The first paid update

    Band specific story modes I'd pay for, but it seems band specific stuff never sells in the required quantity to justify its existence


    Queen Wembley show. Think about it ;)

    If love to see the return of keys Kickstarted as an app that can use phone connected MIDI or an onscreen keyboard,