• Re: Please stop mashing multi-singer parts into the main vocal

    You're missing the point. It's not authored by someone who sings. If it were they'd know to shorten scoring phrases on big transitions and to leave stuff out that don't flow naturally for one singer. Compare their live version here to what we're expected to do

    Here's a solo version

    There's a difference between including the "famous/expected" bits and creating a mishmash

    And in case anyone thinks it's me, currently #2 on leaderboard
  • Bug inSnow (Hey Yo) Xbox One

    It's impossible to full combo because the "Hey yo" right before the star power phrase "I got your hey yo" around score 230,000 doesn't score correctly on vocals expert. I'm dead down the middle of the note tube and the best I get is "strong"
  • Please no more tambourine

    Unless it's actually in the song. Vocalists take drinks and other things while they're not singing. We don't need busywork
  • Re: "The Pop DLC has high play counts"

    I just want to know why We get all this Bieber but "Baby". When that damn thing ear worms it'd be useful to get it out
  • Re: Ion drum / E-kit owners and RB4

    The easiest thing is simply an adapter for wired instruments. The Xbox will see it just as the wireless adapter as a single controller.

    The game must have driver support for the device no matter what.

    Hopefully later they'll support the MPA and legacy Keyboards ;) never give up