• Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Variety Hour!

    Ugh. So I end up with a Ted f*****g Nugent track as part of the Spotlight Pass?

    I wrote a full-on, long, angry rent about it and then deleted it. I'll just leave it at that: I thought better of you guys.
    Ted Nugent is a bad person. I think that's something we can all agree on, and I understand why for those reasons, people may not want to line his pockets. But is this really that big of a deal? "Stranglehold" is a really good song, and a classic rock classic. I don't like Ted Nugent as a person and I never will, but I'm glad this song made it to RB, and I'm still hoping we one day get "Cat Scratch Fever".

    But again, screw you Ted Nugent. Thanks for the good tunes, but screw you.
  • Re: DLC Discussion 7/27: RATM and The Temper Trap!

    Honestly, if we're getting another 6-pack this December, I'd rather get more RAtM than another Aerosmith pack. Something like:

    Bullet in the Head
    Calm Like a Bomb
    People of the Sun
    Renegades of Funk
    Take the Power Back
    Wake Up

    And then, a year later they can give us:

    Down Rodeo
    Know Your Enemy
    Mic Check

    And then I think I'd be good.
  • Re: June 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Summer "Rock"stice

    In my dreams...

    The Cyber is the new version of Rock City, the setting of Rock Band Blitz. It comes as part of a new Blitz expansion in which you travel through the Cyber, playing classic Blitz gameplay, but with new technology-themed power-ups.

    It would come complete with a career mode where completing certain challenges or playing certain new songs (included with the expansion) will bring you closer to helping Josh escape the Cyber.
  • Re: May 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: The 4th WILL Be With You

    I missed the stream, but in terms of all the weird stuff: maybe not hints to DLC or an update, but maybe an entire, soon-to-be-announced expansion with some sort of cyber theme? It seems like if there's going to be an expansion to succeed Rivals this fall (which, honestly, could go either way), it seems we'd have to hear something pretty soon.
    I think "Bored to Death" and "Kids" will come together on a modern rock week
    Kids was released almost a decade ago.

    Not only that, it was originally recorded for MGMT's first EP in 2004. It's hardly modern.

    "Modern" referring to from the current century, not exclusively from the past year or two. Both are very modern when contrasted with "This is How We Do It" or "Shout". We've had tracks from the '00s and the '10s packaged together before, and both tracks are likely going to be recognized and purchased by the same generation of RB players (e.g. mine; "Kids" is a staple for kids born in the 90's/early '00s, the same group who were likely listening to new Blink).

    Not everything needs to be taken at its most literal definition.
  • Re: Five things YOU want for the hypothetical final RB4 update

    1. Blitz Mode
    2. Album sorting
    3. Blitz Mode
    4. Biggest 100-200 songs from RBN playable on current-gen
    5. Blitz Mode