• Re: What were the last movies you watched?

    Tessa Thompson as The Valkyrie was such a good performance. Loved her.
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    Ragnarok was better than expected! Not sure where I'd rank it in the year w/ respect to other superhero flicks.

    Wanna say:
    Wonder Woman
    GotG Vol 2
    (And I'm just gonna pre-emptively leave Justice League here)

    Note that I consider Homecoming excellent, so it's been a pretty good year. GotG was enjoyable, but very middling and you could tell it was brought down by trying to play it safe with "what worked"
  • Re: What Are You Doing Right Now? Part SEVENTEEN - Court of Owls

    Not to mention the Switch is getting Skyrim, Rocket League, and Doom this year and Wolfenstein 2 early next year.
    All games I already have, lol, but its good late adopters finally get a chance to play them. Last Mario game I enjoyed was Sunshine, so I’ll give Odyssey a try. I despised the Wiimote, so I got too frustrated to complete Zelda or Mario on the Wii.
    Rocket League's worth another purchase from me if it means I can take it on the go.
  • Re: Rock Band Diaries! Share Your Stories as Rock Band Turns 10!

    Thanks for the opp! I know it's not a time we like to mention to much these days, but I have some stories from the Nord/Lachesis glory days I'd love to share.
  • Re: What were the last TV shows you watched?

    Why do people think of Maximus as a horse? The first and only association in my mind is Maximus Decimus Meridius from Gladiator.
    Clearly you haven't watched Tangled. TB49 was just talking about how it was one of his favorite movies in one of the other threads.
    Ah, I see. Yeah, I've seen less Pixar Disney Animation than I probably should have.
    Don't feel bad, neither have I.
    I rarely go and see the newest Pixar or Disney movies. With that said Inside Out was fantastic and one of the best they've done in years.
    Pixar hasn't really been up to their par since Toy Story 3 (except for Inside Out, which you mentioned), but I think every Disney film 2010 onwards has been fantastic. I'd say they're more consistent than they were even back in the 90s.