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    Yeah, I was thinking the same; I may have been expecting a little more from all the hype, but that's not really fair of me when it got the biggest grins out of me than any movie in the last few years and I was tapping my foot the whole way.
    It was also neat that I had a Tuesday pre-release show practically to myself, there were like seven other people in a massive theater.
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    Downsides it's hard getting used to a less confident teenage sounding Spider-Man.
    I don't know, the interrogation was golden and wouldn't have worked otherwise.
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    Yeah, he's biased towards "having good taste"!
    No, it's true, trying to debate that "my music is better than your music" is a pointless argument (at best).
    As someone who has had to crunch the numbers to see whether a Rock Band DLC song is worth releasing, it's not even a subjective music taste thing. Harmonix is at a point where the install rate doesn't justify a large DLC budget, meaning fewer and/or lesser known songs. If a competitor has both known songs and a few of them at time, they are likely to beat Rock Band 4 in a given week.

    RB4 can afford to have a bunch of unknown songs in a week (Boston bands), or a couple really good songs in a week (Danger Zone), but things like the U2 8-pack that were possible just a year and a half ago are only a memory.
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    I actually hadn't seen Moana yet when I put that list together. It's still a little less likely since it's so recent, but definitely feels like it's a heavy contender. Kid living on an island, wanting to broaden their horizons, world overcome by looming darkness, and that's all before the use of certain terms like Wayfinder, which are used frequently in KH.
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