• Re: Your Top Ten DLC tracks of 2017 (Excluding Rewinds)

    The biggest surprise was definitely Cirice, which takes the top position. The other nine in no particular order are:

    Dead Memories
    Hold the Line
    I Wanna Rock
    Danger Zone
    Pull Me Under
    Burnin' for You
    Them Bones
    Thug Love
  • Re: European PS4: 2112

    Well, Wasted Years by Iron Maiden was broken for me before, but was now downloadable on PS4. Don't remember when I've last checked these, might be several months.
  • Re: Introducing Super Beat Sports! Swing, Volley, and Score to the Music!

    While I have 2, the Switch is not so commonplace just yet and STILL hard to find.
    Weird, in Finland the Switch seems to have been well stocked at several places since launch. Maybe we've got more stock than other places, or it's just not so popular around here.

    Anyway, I'll have to consider this. I don't have many Switch games besides the bigger Nintendo-franchises, so third-party-games are always welcome.
  • Re: August 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Dog Days of Rock

    The rest of the month has now been detailed in this week's DLC discussion thread:

    Arctic Horrors – “Black Seas” (Free DLC for Rock Band Rivals owners)
    The Black Cheers – “(You’re) Breakin’ Up” (Free DLC for Rock Band Rivals owners)
    Blondfire – “True Confessions”
    Catfish And The Bottlemen – “Postpone”
    Garbage – “Stupid Girl”
    Parks – “Sweater Weather” (Free DLC for Rock Band Rivals owners)
    The Shelters – “Rebel Heart”
    Spirit Kid – “To My Romeo” (Free DLC for Rock Band Rivals owners)
    Sugar Ray – “Every Morning”
    Ted Nugent – “Stranglehold”
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Legitimate Front!

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Also, $1 songs! When's the last time we had one?