• Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Suspect Singles

    Better than pop.
  • Re: HMX: Why u no like Rivals?

    Sadly this isn't the case, information is scattered all over the place, you have to be on their Forums, Facebook, Twitter, Unofficial Reddit, & Unofficial Discord and piece together information like some sort of detective...
    Actually to get everything all you really need is Reddit and Twitch, the rest are optional. Reddit is pretty much the RB4 era equivalent of the forums in the pre-RB4 era.
    Reddit sucks though. :(
  • Re: The Official Rock Band Rivals Season One Community Survey

    Everyone please tell them we want Blitz back!!
    Doubt it will happen but doesn't hurt to complain about wanting it. :p
  • Re: As Made Famous By...

    "Bang A Gong" is awesome as a cover.
  • Re: June 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Summer "Rock"stice

    I don't know, but I'm starting to think it's a very real possibility that we don't see a new expansion released this year. Very sad if true, as I was hoping it'd be a yearly thing.
    i'll take free upgrades to the existing core game over a new expansion that adds new game modes/features i probably wouldn't be interested in or spend much time playing anyway. there's still a lot of room for improvement to what we already have.
    Sure, I'd prefer free tweaks to paid new modes, but how long are the updates gonna last if they don't charge for them? (Technically they didn't charge for the recent update, but I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have got it had Rivals not existed, even if some of the tweaks were to things that were not Rivals-exclusive like filters).
    depends on what kind of update you're talking about. online multiplayer was definitely paid for by Rivals, and lots of people who bought the Rivals upgrade did specifically for online multiplayer. but we're still waiting for basic MP features like random matchmaking and multiple instruments per console. if they put those features behind ANOTHER paid update, people will be rightfully pissed off about it. it would be double-dipping. those features should have been part of the initial online multiplayer update, and should be covered by the Rivals price.
    They never claimed Rock Band 4's online multiplayer would have all the bells and whistles the other games had. A lot of games these days with online multiplayer don't allow multiple users per console.
    they also didn't tell people that it WOULDN'T have those features, at least not until about a week before launch after everyone had already handed over their non-refundable money. a lot of people understandably expected that online multiplayer would at least have the same capabilities as every other form of online multiplayer in a Rock Band game ever. silly of them, i know. but very convenient for HMX.
    I know they rushed the game but silly how they thought that no one would complain about no online considering we had it in all the previous games. Still could use more work now but better than nothing.