• Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Love* Is In the Air!

    It's possible that this week is the pre-2003 Alternative week. I
    1. Nine Days could be sorted under Alternative (Lit is sorted under Alternative for example).
    "Hey, Harmonix, I heard you dedicated two separate weeks to Alternative music in Season 4! Rock on, brother, fight the mainstream! What artists do you go with for that?"

    "Coldplay, Nine Days, and that Portugal. the Man song. No, not that one. The one you *haven't* heard."

    It's, like, the alternative to Alternative.
    These songs are too mainstream and also I haven’t even heard of this one song.

    I mean count me in for dunking on Coldplay but idk what your problem is with the P.tM song.
  • Re: The Refreshments DLC Thread: "Yeah, that seems fair."

    I gave Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy a listen thanks to this thread and it was a solid album. "Down Together" was my favorite but I’d buy any song that made it to Rock Band.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: The Big One O!

    It’s too bad they never revisited the artists from the alt-country pack because Neko Case became one of my all-time favorite singers after that pack introduced me to her solo career, and I’d be thrilled to see more tracks from the Old 97s, Drive By Truckers or Lucinda Williams.
  • Re: DLC Prediction January 2018: New Year, New Songs

    The "hint" was just some guy saying "The DLC next week will make some noise," the joke being that it was so meaningless that it would be true about any DLC that could have been released, but I guess some people thought it was a real hint?
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    This would be better if it was just a Shania Twain pack tbh.