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    I couldn't give two *&^%$ what an artist thinks or says as another American adult. He may be polarizing, but he's done nothing immoral or illegal (there are plenty of artists already in the game who've actually broken the law).
    Politics aside, there's plenty Ted Nugent has done that could be considered immoral.
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    How exactly does this jive with the Spotlight pack having 8 pre-selected songs?
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    Worth picking up; not particularly exciting but what free songs are?
    Headphones On is a banger
    Am I Crazy and I Still Believe were good tracks too.
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    I hope we see the new Switchfoot or Band of Horses songs this next month. I'm so anxious to get the rest of this VR setlist, I've already played "Champagne Supernova" more than pretty much any other song released since February.
    I just wish we'd get the VR songs faster than one at a time. At this rate, they'll be stretching them out until December.

    I also really wish I could get my RBN Band of Horses songs in RB4 :( Not that I'm holding my breath over it or anything.
    We got 4 VR songs in March and 5 in April. That's definitely more than one at a time.
    I feel like it's pretty obvious by "at a time" I meant per week, not per month.

    Also, I refuse to count Rewind songs on the VR soundtrack as new content because...well, come on.
    No, it's not pretty obvious "at a time" means per week. It sounded vague.
    So, it sounded vague as to what "at a time" meant, which is why you instantly assumed it meant "per month."

    Protip for future communication with humans: if a phrase is vague, and one interpretation makes sense while the other is nonsense, it is charitable to assume that the interpretation which made sense is the correct one, instead of going straight for the nonsense interpretation because it's easier to argue against.