• Re: DLC Prediction January 2018: New Year, New Songs

    You Spin Me Round anyone?
    I volunteer to. :D
    You heard Witt everyone, he volunteers as tribute.
    I can only volunteer sharks, it’s my shtick this year.
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    Re: Garth Brooks, there's very little chance he'd be game for DLC. Much like AC/DC back in the day, he's always wanted people to experience his songs in album form (and keeps releasing box sets to hammer this home). He basically has no presence on digital storefronts after his solo venture GhostTunes bit the dust, as you cannot stream or even buy any tracks online.
    Plus there was that super weird case that happened right on these boards YEARS ago where a guy in Ultimate Setlist did a fantasy DLC thread, which included a Garth Brooks pack, then got a cease and desist e-mail from Garth Brooks' lawyers. Anyone else remember this? They claimed he was trying to sell Garth Brooks' music illegally.
    Oh man that was fun. The guy would release a wishlist a week as a different pack and format it the same way as an official Harmonix release. Going so far as to put prices of the content. To the untrained eye, this looked like an official release so you really can't fault the lawyers for their confusion when they're trying to protect their clients assets.

    I wonder if Chris Gaines will talk to Garth Brooks and tell him to lighten up.
  • Re: Bohemian Rhapsody... Mystery???

    “You know what this song needs Nikki Sixx, a gunshot, somethin’ to really show to our fans who don’t understandstand subtlety because they spent years listening to Motley Crue.”

    “Great point Spank Monkey, I’ll add it in after this speedball”
  • Re: WRUDRN 2018: Deep Blues Traveller Something.... Bruther

    Sad that this week’s theme is “Song’s to drive you out of the Target music section faster”
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    A country pack without Church Bells? That's very disappointing!
    Remember though that they have to get clearance from labels and whatnot to put different artists in packs.

    Country seems like the easiest genre to do it with since Nashville has such a huge hand in the genre, but that doesn't make it instantly possible with all country artists.

    That said I am starting to wonder about the last few songs on VR. They said from jump it might not be every song. Not saying this will be the case but certain songs seem to be dragging much longer.
    license a Coldplay deepcut and not release it as DLC.
    I read what I want to read, and this phrase made me happy.