I'm not sure which Harmonix employee I spoke to back in 2012, and I'm not sure how many other FreQs were contacting Harmonix about it, but I was one of the FreQs who kept FreQuently contacting Harmonix about continuing the FreQ n Amp series, and they asked me what kind of ideas I had in mind for it (which I noticed they split half of my ideas into Rock Band: Blitz and the other half into the Amplitude re-release), and the only thing I asked in return for my ideas was my name in the credits. I noticed my name didn't hit the credits of Rock Band: Blitz, but meh, I don't mind, at least they made it :p As for the new Amplitude, I'm not sure if my name made it to the credits on there cause I don't have a PS4 to play it on and the PS3 version still aint out yet (prolly didn't though :/), and I noticed the Kickstarter had a backer reward of "Your name in the Credits", but unfortunately I missed the Kickstarter due to lack of advertising (Like a LOT of us FreQs did :/), I've noticed from these forums (Official and Unofficial) that a bunch of us weren't even aware that there was a Kickstarter going on :/ Funding would have gone a LOT better if more of us FreQs KNEW ABOUT THE KICKSTARTER, and I have $200 in my pocket right now (and ever-growing the longer it takes for a new Kickstarter) that I'll throw down right now on Kickstarter if a new one is booted up for DLC (Goals in DLC Kickstarter should include new songs, remix mode, and online play). Now that the new Amplitude is out and you (Harmonix) have the FreQ Community's attention about it, what would one more Kickstarter hurt, really?? :p And I know from the beginning of this post you probably think I'm upset about not having my name in the credits, but to be honest, that would have just been a bonus, all I want is FreQ n Amp PERFECTION, and I believe another Kickstarter (with proper, official announcements to all of us) will bring it much closer than it is ^_6 (Getting back the Remix Mode at the very least would make it a LOT better than what it's left at right now :/) PLEASE HARMONIX, DO US FREQS A FAVOR AND RE-BOOT THE KICKSTARTER?!?

    Also, if Amplitude ever gets song DLCs, I was thinking, what if Mari's not the only test subject err whatever, I was thinking for each purchased/downloaded song, they can go into different lists depending on the sound/feel of the song or what the song's talking about, and each list of songs should be a different subject's brain, and the BG visualizations should have a different look/feel to represent who's brain you're in! ^_6 Just a thought :p