• Re: Is Rockband Blitz Broken??!

    It's not a Sony issue if the servers are still messed up on both consoles. Basically they aren't an Indie studio because they just released Rockband 4. Any way the servers are working now and I'm happy about that. Sometimes you have to show disapproval to get things in motion. I'm very happy thank you Harmonix. I just played The Thrill is Gone by BB King for the first time and I'm very happy sitting here drinking to Blues. It worked perfectly. You guys know I'd never leave you guys lol.
    I'm not saying it's a Sony issue, I'm saying my rock band 4 dlc songs won't download because it's a Sony issue. Also, they are an indie studio. How are they not a indie studio if they released rock band 4? Makes no sense. Also, is it really working? Going to go try.
  • Re: Pack of all DLC?

    Uh, no. Why would you think they would include a pack of 2,000+ dlc songs? That's absurd.
    Dance Central has 2k+ songs?!?!?
    Yeah, and rock band does too. Your point?
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    I'll be happy to answer any questions about the behavior or rather misbehavior of blitz – it's been down about 80% of the past year at least.

    it was always a fingers crossed situation but now it's just gone.

    I don't think you guys at HMX understand that maybe it's a small group by comparison but the people who play blitz are passionately desperate to get it back. I think it just fits a certain type of brain.

    Hoping for anything – thanks for your words, Karen
    It hasn't been down for 80% of the past year, it has been down since December 2016.
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    Someone already mentioned PS VR here, but it would be awesome if VR were somehow implemented into Rock Band 4 for PS4. Until then, hope y'alls launch goes well. My old PC isn't really well optimized for VR, plus I already have all the Rock Band I need on PS4. ;)

    Oh, and is Rock Band VR for guitar only, or does it also support drums?
    Guitar only.

    And since Oculus/Facebook is the one that completely funded this project, it will not be coming out on any other VR solution. At least not this version.
    Hope not cause I won't be playing it then and they'll be limiting themselves to how much potential money they can make, not a smart business move.
    How is this not a smart business move?

    Harmonix gets to make another Rock Band with new songs, features, and campaign mode free of charge. The new songs that they license will more than likely carry over to the platform that is Rock Band 4.

    Oculus gets an exclusive to help sell the Rift.
    it's not exactly free of charge, if you include all the man-hours of HMX developers being devoted to this game. even if Oculus is footing the bill, those are man-hours taken away from their core business of working on the version of Rock Band that most people play. is it a good business move to devote so much time and effort to this that it results in them putting out a meager version of online multiplayer for RB4 that generates severe backlash? is it good business to dial back on DLC production for the main game? maybe if this game turns out to be a success, but if it crashes and burns, then they've just alienated their core consumer base for the sake of a failed game.
    Or they hired other people on in order to make said game. And what I meant by free of charge was basically... if Oculus wasn't 100% funding it, the game wasn't going to happen.

    I have no qualms with this, and I don't understand why anyone would.
    maybe they did, but it sure doesn't look like it. they aren't a publicly traded company so we'll never know for sure, unless they tell us (guffaw!).

    and yeah, i do have a problem with a company diverting resources from the game i play and enjoy to one i know i'll never play. but that's beside the point. the point was, is this a good business move? HMX's reputation has really sunk from the moment RB4 was released as such a bare-bones game, to the continuing problems getting broken and delisted content back in the game as was promised (going on 16 months now), the various hardware issues with MadCatz and now PDP, and the problematic rollout of online multiplayer, as well as the DLC dwindling by the month. HMX hasn't had a lot of success outside of their core franchise, and while it's hard to turn down a company that's throwing money at you, if it distracts you from your core business, the long-term damage may not be worth it. no one can know whether RB would have done better without taking time out to do a VR game, and i suspect HMX doesn't really expect this game to sell that well and probably took the money primarily to help keep the lights on an extra 6 months or so. but it doesn't matter now, the game's pretty much done, and we'll see whether now they'll return to paying RB4 the attention it deserves or if they continue to allow the franchise to sputter out.
    They never promised broken or delisted content in this game. When did they say this?
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    Good job Harmonix, you've just lost a loyal customer since 2007. I just tried this game again and it's not fixed. I will be boycotting Rockband 4. The servers have been down since December 25 2016 and it's now February 8 of 2017 and no improvement or fix. You all are liars for saying "We are fixing it". It doesn't take weeks or months for a fix. Nice knowing you and I regret that I've given you hundreds of dollars over the years.
    Dude, calm down. It's most likely harder to fix this than we all think. There is no need to **** on them when a problem is still not fixed. I mean, I still don't have all of my songs after all of these months, but that's a sony issue. Just stop. They're an indie studio now and it takes them longer to do anything.