• Re: We demand online matchmaking and multiple instruments per console!

    Yeah when people complain about the lack of delisted songs coming back, I always direct them to your first point. But, I really think the whole matchmaking and multiple instruments per console thing is just like the online play debate before it was announced in April 2016 that it was coming to Rock Band Rivals. People were so mad about the fact that Online Play wasn't in the game at launch. And now we have it thanks to that. After online play launched this year, a lot of people got mad at the limitations. So, it's gotta be coming with the amounts of demand. I don't see them saying, no we're not doing matchmaking and multiple instruments per console for online.
    No, no one got mad because it had limitations. That would be true if Rock Band had never had online play before, and then we got this but it seemed limited. No sir, people got mad because we've had 5 previous versions of the game that included online play with these features, and this version suddenly does not.
    Right, but it's hard to say that people aren't mad at the one instrument per console and no matchmaking idea. I mean, look at this thread. People are definitely mad at this.
  • Re: An Early Look at Upcoming Changes to Rivals Mode

    According to HMXJosh, in a reply on the Reddit post: It's not like Bronze would get a toga and Silver would get a windbreaker and Gold would get a crown and Platinum would get rollerskates. It's more like Bronze would get a plain toga, Silver would get a toga with a silver stripe, Gold would get a toga with a stripe and tassels, etc. (Making stuff up here, but you get the idea)
    Now I just want a toga
    Right? The reward isn't togas, but I want togas. When are we getting the rest of the next update news?
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Lynyrd Skynyrd and Oasis

    Crazy it took almost 9 and a half years to get another Album version of an Oasis song. Too damn long. Here's hoping for more Oasis.
    Fingers crossed on Some Might Say, Hello, and Roll It.
  • Re: Five things YOU want for the hypothetical final RB4 update

    So, what do you guys think will be announced tomorrow? Free rivals songs, matchmaking, a big boost in character creator, animations, new game mode, etc. We do know that a fix to stuttering on the PS4 won't come in the next update, according to HMXJosh. Realistically, what do you think? I honestly couldn't believe that all of these things will be in the next update, but maybe all of these things will come in the next couple of updates. Also, did they tell us when the update will be out? This week, next week, etc.
  • Re: May 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: The 4th WILL Be With You

    "One Headlight was rumored for RB3 forever ago."

    When??? And how????? Cause I've been requesting this song forever.