• Re: We demand online matchmaking and multiple instruments per console!

    I think from what's happened over the year so far we will certainly get matchmaking and multiple instruments per console for online. Whether it'll come in the upcoming one or a later one this year, I don't know.

    - EU PS4 players thought they'd never get their entitlements back given virtually no visible progress in 2016 and here we are now with SIEE fully caught up to SIEA and both platforms are getting multiple fixes each week.
    - Lots of people complained about not being able to past disc songs caused either by the exports expiring (RB1/RB2/LRB) or not being able to get what's needed to export (RB3) and a lot of rewind songs have been released this year.
    - ION/ekit players on XB1 thought they'd never be able to use their kit on RB4 due to the mess regarding the severe lack of stock for PDP's adapter but restocks have happened both yesterday and today so it seems like there'll probably be a steady supply.
    - Some people complained about the calibration exploits basically ruining Rivals mode and the leaderboards, those are being fixed in the latest update.

    The main issue that I'm not sure will be fixed is the stuttering as that seems more like a hardware issue than a software one.
    Yeah when people complain about the lack of delisted songs coming back, I always direct them to your first point. But, I really think the whole matchmaking and multiple instruments per console thing is just like the online play debate before it was announced in April 2016 that it was coming to Rock Band Rivals. People were so mad about the fact that Online Play wasn't in the game at launch. And now we have it thanks to that. After online play launched this year, a lot of people got mad at the limitations. So, it's gotta be coming with the amounts of demand. I don't see them saying, no we're not doing matchmaking and multiple instruments per console for online.
  • Re: DLC to RB4 - (SIEE RB1 Euro 6[paid], SIEA Everything listed works!)

    I believe Gig's findings don't come from personal buying experience - he has some sort of script that queries the content servers and their responses indicate whether the entitlement is missing or broken.
    Really? Where is this script? Anyway, this still means The Good Life as a single is working now.
    Well, I've always said I'd upload it if anyone cared, so...
    I guess "really?" is close enough.

    It's a Perl script. The readme file should be enough to turn most people off.
    I was about to tell you how this all works but I figured that would take forever so let's leave it at that lol
  • Re: May 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: The 4th WILL Be With You

    Great news, then! We're getting 2 this week! And we got 3 on March 23.

    Dunno, if they frontloaded/grouped em any more, that would only have meant great stuff like You Make My Dreams and Bizarre Love Triangle would have been pushed back to make room for them. Not to mention if slipping Shape of You any later would have meant missing the chance to release it while it was still a chart topper.
    Nah, we're getting one this week. Like I said, I'm not counting Rewinds as new content, simply because it's not new content. Sure, it takes work for them to relicense the song as DLC, but the song is virtually no different from the version that's been in the game since the start of Rock Band 4. 90% of the work's been done already. March 23 is the only week we've gotten a big chunk of the new VR tracks.

    I think you're right about not wanting to front load all of the songs though. Otherwise we would seemingly know all of the DLC for months. Only a handful of songs in the VR setlist are already up as DLC. If they keep doing 2 songs a week, that's nearly 30 weeks of DLC (including new stuff and Rewinds on the VR setlist)
    I hope we see the new Switchfoot or Band of Horses songs this next month. I'm so anxious to get the rest of this VR setlist, I've already played "Champagne Supernova" more than pretty much any other song released since February.
    I just wish we'd get the VR songs faster than one at a time. At this rate, they'll be stretching them out until December.

    I also really wish I could get my RBN Band of Horses songs in RB4 :( Not that I'm holding my breath over it or anything.
    We got 4 VR songs in March and 5 in April. That's definitely more than one at a time.
    I feel like it's pretty obvious by "at a time" I meant per week, not per month.

    Also, I refuse to count Rewind songs on the VR soundtrack as new content because...well, come on.
    No, it's not pretty obvious "at a time" means per week. It sounded vague.
    I think the fact that we get DLC each week at a time makes it pretty obvious.
    Not really, at a time could mean per hour, minute, day, not specifically per week. Be clearer next time.
    So catchy, we should have this in rock band.
  • Re: European PS4: All exports, PAID RB1 Euro Tracks, Follow Me Down available

    @HMXOwl Why was it so hard releasing Follow Me Down in SIEE territories? Was it licensing?
    I can bet 100% that @HMXOwl won't reply to me.
  • Re: Five things YOU want for the hypothetical final RB4 update

    So, what do you guys think will be announced tomorrow? Free rivals songs, matchmaking, a big boost in character creator, animations, new game mode, etc. We do know that a fix to stuttering on the PS4 won't come in the next update, according to HMXJosh. Realistically, what do you think? I honestly couldn't believe that all of these things will be in the next update, but maybe all of these things will come in the next couple of updates. Also, did they tell us when the update will be out? This week, next week, etc.
    My money's on Character Creator because Josh said the update would be more meatier.