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  • Re: Introducing Super Beat Sports! Swing, Volley, and Score to the Music!

    Neat to see you on the platform, hope Rock Band isn't too far behind.
    It's only just a successful Fig campaign away ....
  • Re: What Are You Doing Right Now? Part SEVENTEEN - Court of Owls

    Very curious about the E3 offerings this year. Nintendo's lineup, the Scorpio reveal and how Sony counter-programs that should make for some interesting presentations.
  • Re: AMC's Walking Dead mini-series!

    Season 7, Episode 9. "Rock in the Road"

    The Alexandrians begin recruiting. Good pace, as we hit the major plot points and keep things moving, with most characters getting their stories advanced. And we get some questions to ponder going forward. Highway scene was pretty cool, too. 8/10
  • Re: AMC's Walking Dead mini-series!

    Season 7, Episode 11. "Hostiles and Calamities"

    The Saviors react to recent events, with much of the episode devoted to elevating Dwight and Eugene into major players. Both resort to their old tricks, Dwight being devious to maintain his place in the Saviors hierarchy and Eugene using his gift of gab -- something that got him KTFO'ed by Abraham a way back when -- to earn Negan's trust. Again, not a lot of action, but this was fine -- better than other episodes where they've spotlighted relatively minor characters. 7/10
  • Re: AMC's Walking Dead mini-series!

    Season 7, Episode 10. "New Best Friends"

    The Alexandrians have an ally and we get a major reunion, which I thought was really well done. One of the better episodes that didn't involve a lot of action - Norman Reedus was really strong here. Again, we keep most major story beats moving forward and have enough questions left unanswered to keep viewers curious as to how the group will get to the goal of a united front against the Saviors. 8/10