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    got the midi adapter and pdp adapter for this kit but i cant get it to recognize the kit on xbone(rockband 4)or 360(rockband 3).could someone help me?what do i need to do to get it to work?
    You need to read the manual for the MIDI Pro and find the correct MIDI notes for each color pad/cymbal. Then look in the manual for your e-drum kit and figure out how to set each pad/cymbal to the correct MIDI note that the MIDI Pro Adapter needs.
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    ive looked through the user manual of the drum set and cant find how to change the pads midi..if u could help me more it would be appreciated...dont know where to look in the user manual for it...
    Is the manual online anywhere? Can't help if I can't read it...
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    1. There might be such a list on ScoreHero, but I've never seen one here.

    2. Foreplay/Long Time has the longest BRE
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    A drummer that rests during fills is nothing great.
    He wasn't resting, he was going for an optimal score to get #1 on the leaderboard.
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    A drum brain to MPA setup never required a KickBox/KickWire, and still doesn't. The KickBox/KickWire converts the piezo signal from a real drum pad into an off/on pulse that the Ion brain and the toy drums require for input on the bass pedal port.
    Yep, this exactly.