• Re: Roland e-kit adapter for RB4 Xbox One?

    According to PDP, there will be more available in April. so don't give up hope yet :)
  • Re: So how's this expansion pack / ION adapter going to work, anyway?

    I understand the keyboard peripheral is a no-go, but is it really that hard to make sure this thing will take those midi codes over DIN or USB?
    Yes, you're talking about two completely different things. The new adapter won't be taking any MIDI codes. Over USB or 5-pin DIN. It is taking in X360 controller codes and translating them into something the XBone will accept. It's not doing any MIDI whatsoever in any form.
  • Re: So how's this expansion pack / ION adapter going to work, anyway?

    @KITTYCATALERT I think Destiny had a similar thing with Taken King. Year 1 content was the base game and 2 DLC releases and then Taken King (Year 2) lets you choose between buying the expansion on its own or getting the physical version with the base game, previous DLC and the Taken King expansion.
    Well, yes, but there's a cost increase for that. A Vanilla Destiny disc costs around $13 now. But if you buy the new Taken King version that includes vanilla Destiny + House of Wolves DLC + The Dark Below DLC + Taken King DLC, it's more like $60. So new players still have to pay extra for the DLC, just like Day One players did.
  • Re: Ion drum / E-kit owners and RB4

    PDP will not be able to build an adapter for ION's 360 drum brain. The only thing PDP will be able to do is make a new drum brain module for ION's if ION Drumrocker will allow a 3rd party to build it.
    Ion has nothing to do with it. If PDP wanted to release a new brain module for people to use with their existing Ion kit hardware, PDP can do so without a word from Ion. Ion doesn't have to "allow" anything. Ion didn't have to "allow" the dude who made the Kickbox to make the Kickbox. He made it, people bought it, and then used it with their Ion kits.