• Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Spice

    Yeah, I see the reasoning why but between career modes, trophy challenges, weekly spotlights, I am so over the RB4 disc soundtrack (which was underwhelming compared to RB3, RB2 to begin with) save a few songs.

    I'd be fine with them having spotlight songs that are delisted even. Hopefully, someone on your crew has it, but if not, so be it, earn points elsewhere if you can. Mix it up some instead of all the repeat disc spotlight songs.
  • Re: DLC Prediction January 2018: New Year, New Songs

    Personally love Neil Young (outside of Led Zeppelin perhaps the biggest RB omission), and Dylan is an icon as much for his song writing and other artists use of his songs as his own performances. Do not care for Springsteen at all, always found him cheesy. Diamond is cheesy too but more intentionally cheesy. Not my cup of tea but would definitely buy Sweet Caroline.
  • Re: December 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: "Season's" Greetings

    if we were to get a Christmas song, it just has to be "I Am Santa Claus" (Bob Rivers)!
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: You're Not Dreaming

    Ace of Base makes me want to put my head through a window but hey, more Radiohead FTW!
  • Re: November 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Rock Band Turns 10

    I still want to see Dave Matthews Band's "Crash Into Me" one of these days.
    There’s a lot of DMB, I would like. I prefer other songs like Two Step, Tripping Billies, Satellite, Jimi Thing, and What Would You Say but understand Crash into Me is very popular.

    I would actually like some of their heavier stuff like Rhyme & Reason, Halloween, and Don’t Drink the Water.

    We are really underrepresented with DMB.