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  • Re: How much do you think the skill system needs to be reworked?

    I'm a little frustrated with the vocal system to be honest. I'm confused how my stats can be better than a friend's whose skill is 1000 and mine is stuck at 982. Maybe it's just how I suck at math, but I'd like the formula to be easier for math-tards like me to understand. There's a reason I'm an artist.
    Hey Mistress D! All you have to do is gold star every song you have played. If you sort by stars and only have gold stars, you will need to look on the leaderboard of each blank star song to see if you have a score registered but not displaying that you played it. (if you don't have a score it will show you the top scores.)

    I recently played a song and passed you really early in the song- that could be one of your hidden ones.
    We used to be able to use http://rb4scores.com/ to check for hidden songs - but it's not working.
    If you ever played rockband on a different console - the score will not be visible on your console. I hope this helps!!
    Another tip here. If you have the companion app go to "Song List" tab and sort by stars. This data is taken straight from the leaderboards and you will be able to find the non gold starred songs there.
    awesome tip
  • Re: How much do you think the skill system needs to be reworked?

    Personally I would like to see a change that includes all songs in your library (meaning unplayed ones too) into your skill rating. That way, it would force people to have true rankings and not just sit on a few gold stars on an instrument they may not deserve such a high skill level in.

    . :p
    Those of us who look at skill are also able to see how many songs others have gold starred. If they have 1000 skill on 7 or so songs, I have no respect for the score. I don't care if they have it though.

    More disheartening is being ranked under these scores because of the random factor - if two people get same score or same skill then it is already predetermined which is person is higher than you in rank and which is lower. My buddy (you know who you are ) has less than me in EVERY category - but since we are both 1000 skill - he will always be ranked higher due to the random factor. I wish it was based on something fair like "Total disc song score" - so having more DLC doesnt give someone a disadvantage.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: 10 Free HMX Songs

    Thanks Harmonix!!!

    And I just want to put this out there - I am willing to buy back other RBN songs that I had. Please.
  • Re: Mute Mic [PS4] during Online Play

    Was it ever mentioned why we can't chat in the green room but it picks it up during the song? I'm never really in a party, and it's kind of weird when I'm streaming because I like to talk to the people watching while I play - if I'm in band doesn't everyone else hear a loud one-sided conversation?
    Unfortunately, if you speak to your watchers during the song and you are unmuted in party chat - your band mates will hear you as well.
    If you are not in a PS4 party chat - no one hears you speaking to your watchers.
  • Re: Mute Mic [PS4] during Online Play

    Here is my PS4 vocals work around:

    I enjoy having the full band in a party voice chat on PS4 - it makes things so much easier for communicating, letting people know you need to quickly let dogs out, speaking between songs, song choice comments, etc etc.

    When I turn on/start the game I use my headset plugged into the controller as my main mic. This is the "mic" that my PSN is on. It has a mute button which makes it very easy to turn off and on.

    I also have three other PSNs that my friends use when they come over and play. After I am in game and 'live' with my headset mic as my "microphone" I add a microphone to the PS4 USB port. I assign it to friend#1 PSN. ( this is the mic I sing into as I will be muting my headset during the song)
    If I want to sing harmonies, I then add a mic to PS4 USB #2 and assign it to friend#2 PSN. ( I sing into both mics)

    Which ever name is on the vocals is the one who will get the credit for the songs scores. it doesnt matter that the headset is mute and I am technically singing on a friends PSN mic.

    Note - If you forget to mute the headset they will hear you sing
    - you can't do three part harmonies unless you keep the headset unmuted. They will hear you
    - ONLY the PSN listed as vocals at the bottom of the screen will get credit. its as if the other one or two never played.