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  • Re: June Update Patch Notes!

    Thanks Harmonix! Looking good!!!
  • Re: How is skill calculated???

    It's stars. It's only stars. It's not points (except in that points determine how many stars you get) and it's not percentage. I've long since proven this
    Sorry Mark, I have to disagree with you. Its more than just getting stars and/or gold stars. I had all gold stars on every song and I was at 999 skill. with rivals, I added about 50 more played songs - gold starring them at 99 or 100 %. I was still 999 skill. I made a list of the songs I had gold stars 98% and started to improved them. I kept checking and I didnt get to 1000 skill until every song but one was either 99 or 100 FC. So, its a point threshold
  • Re: XP Contribution NEEDS To Be Changed!(Member Swapping!)

    Thank you, Bloodstone crews. It's probably not all of you, but the ones doing this have successfully lost all respect from me. I am not impressed by your position or ability to be #1 or remain in Bloodstone. For the crews that are legit, blame the others, as they are tarnishing your reputation as well. Police yourselves, because as of now, no one cares about you anymore.
    It's not all. I've heard that PS4 Lemon Party (in Bloodstone tier since first week eligible) and Get off my Pants are legit and not cheating. I can't confirm these or others but I have to say it's not all crews. And I agree with you. The people interested in the top ranking and scores are the ones involved. I'm pretty sure most people playing the rockband game don't know who is at the top tier weekly.
  • Re: The Official Rock Band Rivals Community Survey

    You think *50%* of the customer base is stuck on lack of e-kit support?

    I would be surprised if 5% of their customer base has ever seen or used an e-kit.

    It's obviously a huge issue to its audience - but holy hell that audience isn't anywhere near 50%.
    I took 50% to mean the second console - PS4 and Xbox. A guess you could ask for clarification before posting a jerk-ish post if you dont understand.
  • Re: Online Quickplay, the December Update, and YOU!

    Compromise? Let the leader check off "allow hiding 1 songs" yes/no just like they check off the " no fail mode" yes/no. That way when u give ur preferences you will be matched with people like you.