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    I'm hoping for that proggy duo in VR stuff. Rewinds really don't impact me at all (I have all the exports save for the singles-already-available Green Day, and I don't play online so I don't benefit from others getting songs I have) , but The Final Countdown is among the essentials. They could prog up and rewind prog with the new prog - Freewill with The Trees or Aqualung, Pull Me Under with Welcome Home or Panic Attack.
    Yeah, I'm not sure if they'll be together or separate. The big thing to consider is of the new RBVR songs (i.e. not rewind or DLC released before RBVR launch), those 2 are the only pre-10s RBVR songs left.

    Kings of Leon - "Use Somebody" (March DLC)
    Oasis - "Champagne Supernova" (April DLC)
    Tracy Bonham - "Mother Mother" (May DLC)
    Rush - "Freewill (Vault Edition)"
    Dream Theater - "Pull Me Under"

    Given the leak we do seem to be heading back to a 10s focus (2 this week, 2 next week and 2 later in June when the Permaband songs come) which is natural given the vast majority of remaining RBVR songs are 10s songs.
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    @KidSleez I think it's a difficult one to be honest because of what is coming soon. You have the new Rivals update, likely more entitlement fixes, new DLC and E3 all within a few weeks. If there's no RB news outside of the weekly DLC on E3 week then sure there's reason to concerned about the future, even last year had some non-DLC RB news in the form of Rivals being the new expansion at a price of $30 of which the bulk Rivals news (some contents) was delayed to mid-July.
    So I've asked this plenty of times now, but here it goes again:

    Should we expect another paid expansion this year (ala Rivals)?
    Is there really anything to look forward to for E3 regarding Rock Band?

    My fingers are crossed..
    All this "Cyber" stuff seems like they're hyping...something. Hard to tell what.

    But also keep in mind Harmonix had that round of layoffs not too long ago. Not to start any rumors, but I'd think that if they were working on another large scale, paid expansion, they wouldn't have laid people off. Just a guess though.
    I originally thought the "Cyber" stuff would be related to either a DLC announcement or some feature in the upcoming update but given Josh has been there since from the beginning of the month and the new update is going to be out before June 8th (at least the final challenge of season 0 was confirmed to be exploit-free), it's seeming more like a tease for something that'll happen at E3.
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    I really don't get why You & Me was hidden (at least you could see the reasoning behind hiding Mother Mother) but nevertheless I'm really excited for Bored to Death.
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    I really don't get why You & Me was hidden.
    Because "cryptic"!
    Being a RBVR song, the community expects it to be a guaranteed release for RB4 eventually. I think Kids and Shout would've worked better as the surprises.
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    It's impressive that Black Flag is in RS now and the pack overall is rather good but I do think there's a decent chance of RB's DLC being better this week.