• Re: Rocksmith & Rocksmith 2014 discussion thread

    It's impressive that Black Flag is in RS now and the pack overall is rather good but I do think there's a decent chance of RB's DLC being better this week.
  • Re: DLC Discussion: The Isley Brothers!

    Green Day (Play songs by Green Day and artists they have covered)
    Green Day - "Homecoming"
    The Isley Brothers - "Shout"
    Elvis Presley - "Suspicious Minds" (Green Day covered "That's All Right")
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    With these thoughts though, you may tend to think "well maybe it's a PS4 background task causing stuttering". However, as people have pointed out the PS4 can run games like The Witcher 3 and FF15 perfectly fine for hours on end. RB4 should not be more taxing than those games unless an intern wrote some very inefficient code in the Rivals update.
    Well regarding that, the key thing that disproves the theory of background tasks on PS4 being the cause is that the XB1 issues pre-Rivals were not just issues with RB4. XB1 games in general had the same stuttering/lag whereas for the PS4 situation it's only RB4 that's affected.
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    Given what's been mentioned in this thread, I'm thinking the Rock Central servers are the cause of the PS4 stuttering/lag issues. One thing that's common in this thread is that Rivals was the main starting point and well Rivals has increasingly relied on the Rock Central servers.

    If you think about it, pre-Rivals the servers were only used for the ingame store and leaderboard scores but even then the scores would upload later if you weren't connected so there's not much reliance of those servers. Meanwhile when Rivals came out, the servers were used for:
    - Leaderboard scores (you have to be connected for a score to be uploaded)
    - Ingame store
    - Rivals challenges (each time you play a song while a weekly challenge is active, XP and spotlight scores required)
    - Solo XP (every song is worth solo XP even if a challenge isn't active)
    - Other Rivals mode stuff in general (being able to view crew info, stats, etc.)
    - Since January, online multiplayer

    So you may ask, why were there major stuttering issues for XB1 pre-Rivals?

    Well it was simply due to the XB1 having a very bad overall setup especially from November 2015, the console would not put gaming as a top priority but instead other features like snap mode and background tasks. Microsoft started properly sorting that out from holiday 2016 onwards and before the most recent system update, RB4 has been working very well.
  • Re: Your Missions, Should You Choose To Accept Them...

    Will there be a Fifty Mission Cap?
    didn't they already say there wouldn't be clothing items attached to missions?
    I think it's a joke based on the Rivals level cap being ridiculously low (50).