• Re: DLC Discussion Thread: The Big One O!

    My challenge prediction (Country, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Blues):
    Shania Twain - "That Don't Impress Me Much"
    Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - "Pride and Joy"
    Fleetwood Mac - "You Make Loving Fun" (repeat)
    Just curious why you think Country and Classic Rock will be lumped together?

    Unlike the Metal week where Glam and Prog have Glam Metal and Prog Metal songs, there's zero overlap or connection between Classic Rock and Country.

    I get trying to fill out the numbers, but doing stuff like that makes no sense. Hell if anything Pop Rock would make more sense as that's pretty much what Country is (just with twang and steel guitars).
    I can see Southern Rock, but i agree. Classic Rock will probably get its own week.. we have lots of that.
    I think Country will be paired with Southern Rock but I also think Classic Rock will be paired with Southern Rock, the only way for both to happen is a combination of Country, Southern Rock and Classic Rock. Also, I'm not expecting any new Classic Rock DLC this season as the focus for the new DLC seems to be on less represented genres.
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    A country pack without Church Bells? That's very disappointing, I really want those RBVR songs!

    As for the songs themselves, I don't know any of them so off to Youtube.
  • Re: DLC Fixes in RB4: Xbox - Visions, Runnin' Wild; SIEA - Spinal Tap; SIEE - Funk Pack, Tragic Kingdom

    Is there any way “Runnin’ Wild” will be available to purchase?
    It was delisted in 2010.
  • Re: Should there be a Rock Band Blitz 2?

    I think the core RB4 and Rivals stuff would be fixed before a Blitz expansion existed anyway, new expansion generally means the last expansion isn't supported anymore which explains why there was no 2nd expansion last fall/holiday.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Spice

    In a way you could compare the rewards situation to the rewinds situation. Same principle, the concept of content being locked away forever just because you were too late. There should definitely be an alternative way of unlocking the rewards.