• Re: The Unofficial Completing the Tony Hawk series

    @tdc002 That pack also contained:
    Bad Religion - You (THPS2)
  • Re: We demand online matchmaking and multiple instruments per console!

    While it is important to listen to your fanbase, it's also important to balance fan requests and own ideas as the products will likely benefit more that way than only fanbase ideas or only own ideas.

    I've been a Nintendo fan for nearly 18 years now and some of my favourite games from them have existed by not doing what the fanbase wanted. A perfect example is Metroid Prime, if Nintendo fans back in those days had their way then Metroid would've stayed a 2D only franchise. Nintendo wanted to do things their way and as a result the extremely well received Metroid Prime was created.

    So back in the context of RB4. While it would be really good if the next update features matchmaking and multiple instruments per console it would also be cool if instead the next update features some brand new mode which has never appeared in a RB game before. As long as matchmaking and multiple instruments per console don't end up a feature in a new expansion (i.e. not Rivals), it'll be fine.
  • Re: March 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Luck of the Fightin' Irish

    I think David Bowie and Foo Fighters are most likely to get packs, rewind focused packs to be more precise. So stuff like:
    Learn to Fly

    Suffragette City
    Let's Dance
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: VR Singles!

    If you include the free Rivals songs, this month will either be 4th or 5th for most new songs added to RB in the RB4 era. Below are the stats:

    1. October 2015 - 35
    2. December 2016 - 28
    3. December 2015 - 27
    4. October 2016 - 18
    5. March 2017 (so far) - 17
    6. November 2015 - 16
    6. February 2016 - 16
    8. March 2016 - 13
    8. November 2016 - 13
    10. August 2016 - 10
    10. January 2017 - 10
    12. April 2016 - 9
    12. September 2016 - 9
    14. May 2016 - 8
    14. June 2016 - 8
    14. July 2016 - 8
    17. January 2016 - 6
    18. February 2017 - 5

    EDIT: Oops, miscounted, there's 17 so far, not 16 (Outside, Can't Hold Us, Danger Zone, Counting Stars, I Will Wait, Use Somebody and the 11 free Rivals songs).
  • Re: March 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Luck of the Fightin' Irish

    @KKFan5 Well there's a few possibilities for the delay:
    - Danger Zone is one of the last 19 RBVR songs
    - A Top Gun themed rock shop item is coming with the new update
    - People would be more excited by Danger Zone than the 19 songs left to be announced for RBVR

    There's probably others but I'm guessing the 2nd point.