• Re: October 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Scary Monsters and Nice FCs

    He’s said that future weeks are so scheduled (first party store coordination; rivals challenge weeks) that they can’t just ‘slide everything’. Whatever was due to be dlc the last Thursday of October, still is. If whatever slipped last week was dlc, it’ll reappear further down the line, it can’t push already committed content off.

    Arg, copy paste from reddit app sux:
    To me it seems likely that the whole schedule will get pushed back a week, though they might just double something up eventually to get back to whatever the schedule would have been

    Oh jeez, no. That'd be like shoveling a whole cabinet into the trash if a plate fell and broke. Let's focus on the broken plate and leave everything else alone.

    Ah, all right. Guess I never thought about it much but I figured the schedule was by order/week number, rather than by date per se, but your way makes more sense.

    Internally, you're correct, but consoles need dates for content releases. And even internally, it'd screw up all our Season 3 Spotlighting.
    This suggests a few things:
    - Whatever was meant to come this week is unrelated to season 3
    - There's a season 3 spotlight pass (if there's no spotlight pass you could easily change spotlights like when Carry on Wayward Son was replaced by Jane in a season 0 challenge due to SIEE problems with rewinds)
    - There may only be 1 week gap between season 2 and season 3
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    With the trying something new tease, I wonder if maybe the plan is to release a spotlight pass for season 3 with all 8 songs being released on the same day before season 3 starts. That way you can still have a rock focused Rivals season 3 but also have the modern pop DLC focus that the holiday season is known for.
  • Re: Major XB1 fall system update available now! (How is RB4 doing post-update?)

    Final update, the soft factory reset worked. RB4 is very smooth now!
  • Re: A Quick Update

    Next week sounds exciting, I like that you're reintroducing the roadmap concept you used in the first year of RB4.
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    It finally happened... Bachman Turner Overdrive has made their music game debut in Rocksmith. Now I want BTO to show up in Rock Band ASAP! :)

    A three pack with the following songs...
    - Let It Ride (My most favorite BTO song ever :) )
    - Taking Care of Business
    - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

    I hope Harmonix makes it happen. :)
    That 3 pack is the exact pack Rocksmith got. RS DLC generally gets fully confirmed on Monday around 10am eastern due to timezones (midnight Australia time).