• Re: June 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Summer "Rock"stice

    There was an Xbox leak earlier today? Ok then, well here's my predictions. A bit different than planned as You & Me doesn't sound hard on drums.

    6/1 - Leaked songs
    Carrie Underwood - "Church Bells"
    The Wind and the Wave - "Grand Canyon"

    6/8 - Final Season 0 Challenge Week
    Dream Theater - "Pull Me Under"
    Rush - "Freewill (Vault Edition)"

    6/15 - Permaband
    Killing is Just a Means
    Wrecking Machine

    6/22 - Hair Metal
    Whitesnake - "Is This Love"
    Europe - "The Final Countdown" (rewind)

    6/29 - Coldplay Collection 02 (Celebrating the release of Kaleidoscope on June 30th)
    Something Just Like This (Coldplay & The Chainsmokers)
  • Re: Rock Band VR Setlist (Oculus Rift)

    You & Me is releasing alongside Bored to Death, down to 24 left.
  • Re: May 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: The 4th WILL Be With You

    I have a new potential theory about next week's DLC. A blink-182 pack could fit if 1 of the songs is from the deluxe edition of California because some of those songs weren't revealed until after the partial May DLC announcement. So like you could have:
    - Bored to Death
    - Aliens Exist (rewind)
    - Wildfire

    Or maybe even a California only pack and Aliens Exist gets released later in the year like:
    - Bored to Death
    - She's Out of Her Mind
    - Wildfire
  • Re: DLC to RB4 - (SIEA wants to take some of you to a gay bar)

    I just realized something very special. With Metallica fixed on XB1 and will be fixed soon for PS4, Rock Band 4 is the first music game ever to have Aerosmith, Metallica and Van Halen playable in the same game.
    Hmmmmmm.........trying to find the humor in this comment. Nope, can't find it.
    Irony because those were the bands Guitar Hero dedicated whole games to, blocking other games from getting them for a while (Aerosmith was only in cover form until 2013, Metallica didn't get any new DLC post-Guitar Hero, and Van Halen didn't come until 2015). Finally, they're all together.
    Yeah, it pretty much comes down to that.

    One of the many examples of how the future of RB is not grim. Entitlements are getting fixed, new songs are being added to the platform and as a result are allowing possibilities that weren't possible on last gen.

    Of course another big example is the effort put into the upcoming update. Rivals Seasons give a meaning to your crew aiming as high as possible even if you've reached Bloodstone before, Missions adds extra variety to what you can do and allows further exploration of things such as your music library. That's not even all of it, there's still more which will be announced closer to the update's release.
  • Re: May 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: The 4th WILL Be With You

    As we have Shout (The Isley Brothers), the Green Day song I want the most next in RB has changed to King For a Day.