• Re: A Quick Update

    Moar Metric.
    Sick Muse would be fantastic in RB!
  • Re: DLC to RB4 - (SIEE - Most RB4-era delists, SIEA - MTV2 Pack 01)

    @matpic Here's the situation regarding exports:
    - If you exported RB1, RB2 and LRB you should have access to them in RB4 but if you didn't buy the export then you can buy some of the setlist songs as standalone DLC.
    - You are correct about RB3 export, if you've played RB3 at all you will be able to buy the RB3 export.

    As for DLC, the Sony Europe situation is still a gigantic mess. Many entitlements are not working properly so you just have to wait for Sony Europe to fix those. This has been a constant battle over the past 2 years, there's even a dedicated Sony Europe thread that has nearly reached 250 pages long.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Good Things Come In Threes

    Silly predictions:
    - The entirety of U2's Songs of Experience which can't be deleted once the update has been applied
    - Every time you play Hysteria, your Rivals crew gets demoted
    - Expert vocals FC on all Justin Bieber and One Direction songs in challenge 1 automatically promotes your crew to Bloodstone
    - All menu music becomes Yes We Can, Dream Genie and Visions

    Serious predictions:
    - More UI enhancements (e.g. filter for Rivals challenge songs, quicker way to apply filters, change vocals settings during songs without pausing)
    - A new mode that's not Blitz
    - Keep the Last Light On (Pile) and Sugary (Palehound) from Boston Sessions Vol. 1
    - Xbox One X enhancements
    - Character creator or online enhancements
  • Re: The second year of RB4 - Discussion thread

    For some RB4 is now 2 years old, I think this song is very fitting for RB4 celebrations.

  • Re: Introducing the Rock Band Season 2 Spotlight Pass!

    Here's my rankings:
    1. God Damn
    2. Them Bones (Down in a Hole would be ranked 3rd)
    3. Stupid Girl
    4. Burnin' For You
    5. Heat of the Moment
    6. Super Freak
    7. Ice Ice Baby
    8. Stranglehold

    Every song except Stranglehold was a fantastic pick but below is what my perfect spotlight pass would've been given what was released during the timeframe:
    Week 1: Stupid Girl
    Week 2: Postpone
    Week 3: I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
    Week 4: God Damn
    Week 5: Float
    Week 6: Burnin' For You
    Week 7: Heat of the Moment
    Week 8: Them Bones