• Thank You Harmonix for H.M.V.R.

    Harmonic Music VR is everything I wanted it to be on the PSVR. Disregard all reviews, its an interactive music app more than it is a game. If you love music, psychedelic visuals, and painting beats in virtual space... my god, thank you Harmonix. I just wanted to give you the kudos you deserve, making my intoxicated vacation time worth while.
  • Re: Thank You Harmonix for H.M.V.R.

    Yes, on the visualizer front it's AAA
  • Should I just rebuy The Doors?

    Out of all the DLC I've noticed being brought over, The Doors is the one that sticks out to me the most being absent.

    I've checked the marketplace acouple times every week since launch and it's still asking me to buy the songs.

    With the Rock Band 3 export out with a Doors song to rub in my face, I fear they're never going to fix this... for someone with 700 songs it's super frustrating to rebuy something I've already supported.
  • Re: So how's this expansion pack / ION adapter going to work, anyway?

    People treating Rock Band like a AAA, non-niche title backed by a powerhouse like Activision looking for freebie hand-outs. Go play Guitar Hero. Oh wait, Activision fired everyone who developed Live.
  • Re: So how's this expansion pack / ION adapter going to work, anyway?

    So in other words, you are going to be probably the ONLY developer that will charge an additional fee to play their game online (not counting MMOs or other subscription based games, better get that out of the way before some apologist tries to justify this bad decision with that defense) - a feature nearly EVERY other Rock Band game has had at launch and included in the original price. Pretty cheeky if you ask me - are you sure you guys didn't get purchased by Activision?

    Oh how the mighty have fallen.
    They pretty much have been hinting it would NEVER happen ever since release, and the fact that it's now happening makes me extremely happy. This is probably in connection with the recent partnership with PDP giving them more options. If they need to charge us to enjoy the feature so be it, we're the only people keeping this game alive as it is through our DLC dedication. I will happily pay the fee for my most requested feature to my favorite game/developer and connect with the awesome Harmonix community.