• Re: Thank You Harmonix for H.M.V.R.

    Yes, on the visualizer front it's AAA
  • Re: So how's this expansion pack / ION adapter going to work, anyway?

    People treating Rock Band like a AAA, non-niche title backed by a powerhouse like Activision looking for freebie hand-outs. Go play Guitar Hero. Oh wait, Activision fired everyone who developed Live.
  • XB1-Easy Way to DL All Available Songs

    Boot up the game, quit the game, click menu over the Rock Band 4 icon, Manage Game, Scroll all the way to the right, Click Ready to Install and all available purchases in history will download.

    EDIT: Easy Method 2, for those who can't get Method 1 to work go to the in-game store and browse songs A-Z, page by page, and if it says Purchased rather than Installed click on the song and install. It'll do so seamlessly, repeat page by page. This method takes about 20-30 minutes tops for lots of purchases if you got a rhythm going!

    I realize a lot of songs aren't showing as purchased yet, but that's how I downloaded 200 in the mean time.