• Re: A note from HMXchristine

    Real quick: do you want to change my forum handle before you go?

  • Re: Am I the only fan of Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill on here?

    Something must be wrong in your head.

    Well then I guess there must be something wrong in my head too. Bikini Kill rules.

    Please don't be a jerk.
  • Re: Harmonix or Hamronix?

    kiggidykev wrote: »
    HAMRONIX: satisfying all your digital pork needs since 2009

    Digital Pork is totally the name for a new synth band I'm going to form.
  • Re: Why does it say unsigned next to my name?

    It has to do with how many posts you have made on these forums. 1-100 posts is "unsigned." From there, I'm not sure what the post count is, but the titles go "opening act," "rising star," "road warrior," and "washed up."

    Some people have custom titles, that can/have been given to them by moderators or HMX staff.

    100% correct! Thanks for the assist.

    Just as an unsigned band, a band not yet signed to a label, is likely a newer band, an unsigned user is usually a newer user or a less active user on the forums. It's a quick visual shorthand for how long someone has been on the forums. Hope that helps!
  • Check out the Rock Band Dashboard app on Facebook!

    Hey gang,

    We've just kicked off the beta for the Rock Band Dashboard, and app on our official Facebook page! Check it out here: http://apps.facebook.com/rockbanddashboard/

    The RB Dashboard is a cool way for you to explore the RB library (like a more accessible version of our Songs page) and let us know which bands you want to see in the game! We've been pointing people to RockBand.com/request for song suggestions, but the RB Dashboard offers a few different wishlists that are visible to everyone in the community, so you can see in real time which bands are the most requested.

    So head on over there, get registered and tell us which bands are in your DLC wishlist!

    EDIT FROM HMXcj: We just released an update to the app that includes a new stat called Skill Level. Check out the details and give us your feedback in this thread: http://www.rockband.com/forums/showthread.php?t=228226

    NEW EDIT FROM HMXcj (4/3/12): We just released a new update to the app! Now you can compare your Rock Band 3 scores and skills to your Facebook friends and people you look up by Console ID. You can compare DLC libraries to see who you should play with. We'll even suggest new friends for you based on your similarities in DLC! (Note: This feature is still gathering data. You may not see suggested friends for the next 24 hours.) Let us know what you think!