• Re: Packaging issues

    Sucks to see that your DropMix card got nicked by glue from the package for the game, but it's cool that Hasbro cares about their customers. (Though, I'm on fence on whether I want to get the game or not :) ).

    P.S: I am envious that DropMix got Steal My Sunshine and Rock Band did not, as of yet. :s
    "Steal My Sunshine" is on Lego Rock Band.
  • Re: Rivals Season 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Practice on those new Missions we added last week! There are 83 of 'em, they'll keep you busy for a bit and make sure your fingers, vocal chords, or wrists and foot (just one of 'em) are warmed up....
    Pretty sure some people are using two feet on their e-kits.
    Well, they're cheaters.
    And you just aren't fast enough. ;)
    The charts are CLEARLY notated for one foot even if you don't think it's possible.
    Just wondering when we're going to find out what those 8 songs will be?
    You will know once the last week of Season 2 is revealed.
    So does each person get the three crew bonuses per song for each instrument or is it just 3 total?
    Not per instrument. It would have been stated if this were the case. It's per song per player.
    Hope this is not too off topic, but is there anyway to start where you left off on the mission list after you play and go back to the list? It's kind of a pain to have to go back to the top of the missions and scroll down to where you left off.
    Knock out those easy missions to get them off the list?
    If you're on one instrument, you don't want to have to switch to the others to knock them off the list, though.
    Well depends - Switching Guitar/Bass shouldn't be too difficult.
    Season 1 stats:

    So basically it all comes down to the number of crew members.
    Not at all - you either have skill to achieve top level scores in Spotlight or you don't and if you don't, Bloodstone is not likely going to be a reality.
    So basically it all comes down to the number of crew members.
    My crew got to bloodstone with only 3 members. But it would have been much easier if we had 10 members.
    I was literally the only person on my crew playing in Season 1 and I got us to Diamond.

    You're a beast!
    Join our crew???
  • Re: Emergency Rooster (RB4's hard level crew) is full and looking forward to rocking out

    Just saying -- "Casual" and Bloodstone don't belong in the same breath!

  • Re: 4 person gold tier crew seeking top notch drummer

    Hopefully in the 850 but honestly I'd just like someone who can at least 5 star most drum songs
    Okay. That's fair.
    Already committed.. I'm sorry. =\
  • Re: A Message to All Crews That Plan on Competing in Rivals for XP (From Former #3 Spot)

    For the large majority, yea, it's a non-issue, but for the ones that actually put in the ridiculous amount of time only to still be beat out by a lame tactic. Yea.

    Say what you want. Agree, disagree, like, lol, w/e...it doesn't matter. I would think ANYONE who put in near the time as the OP did can absolutely share in the frustration.

    It's just sad that we cannot have nice things and people will stoop to w/e level they deem necessary to have any advantage.

    That is all...for now.