• Re: Rock Band Diaries! Share Your Stories as Rock Band Turns 10!

    I wouldn't have found my girlfriend and been in a relationship going on 5 years without Rock Band.
    I'd say that's significant.
  • Re: 'Checking Setlist...'


    Played a couple sessions last night with 4 people and it worked PERFECTLY!
    Very happy about this.

    I know this was "fixed" sometime ago, but was still having issues after initial announcement with songs showing available that weren't.

    YAY! =)
  • Re: Introducing Our Next Game: DropMix [the Discussion Thread]


    The tech here is so incredibly impressive and awesome that I just don't think anyone in the world other than Harmonix could of both realized this and pulled it off.

    Needless to say, I own this game and I pre-ordered on Amazon as soon as I realized I could.

    I 100% disagree this should have been digital. It's about technology people and the actual tactility of the cards and owning and building a physical collection is great. Not to mention I've been a huge proponent of board games lately and this just very nicely plays into the mix (no pun intended).

    I've played a handful of Clash games 1v1 and I think there is a fair amount of competitive play here while being fair. I haven't reviewed other threads yet in this forum, but I look forward to it.

    Also, what an incredible fun solo experience. My personal solo high score is currently 25,858 which I know isn't that great since I haven't earned an encore yet, but I'm trying!

    I was delighted to find out that there are ALREADY several additional playlist decks available and I look forward to owning probably all of them. I also noticed this is being coined as season 1 and hopefully there will be far more seasons in the future.

    The most important component of this game is purely digital through the app and I look forward to seeing the growth of this game, additional modes being introduced, changes to rules, etc.


    WOW!! =)
  • Re: Packaging issues

    I got another set and all cards are sleeved.
    Issue resolved!
  • Re: Packaging issues


    I'll just chat with them live. Seems like the quickest and easiest method.
    I'll let you know the result. I'm upset that I tried to correct the problem myself, but hopefully we can come to an agreeable resolution.