• Re: Drums not connecting

    Contact the seller on ebay, most sellers are good about addressing issues if they made a mistake in what they sold (I know I have fixed a few issues in the last couple of years on ebay as seller and buyer). If that doesn't work, you can start a request/case with ebay. This basically alerts the seller and ebay to the problem, ebay can monitor your communications and help resolve the issue. This doesn't fix the problem now for your family, but it should work out in the end. Most sellers want to keep their ratings up and worry less about profit on an individual order.

    Here are solutions for getting gear soon. If you have a gamestop nearby, they have been selling their band in a box for rock band rivals (rb4 with some extra songs, play modes, and features) for 100 for half a year. You can check stock online and even request a hold, so you don't waste a trip. If that doesn't work, amazon has a few kits left as well and sometimes you can find stock at a target, but they are in the 170 dollar range.

    Hope everything works out for you as rockband is one of the few games worthy enduring a full on fit from kids!
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    Usb ports, that might be the problem. Is your set wired with usb? You might have a rockband 1 set that only works with a previous generation system. All rb4 stock kits are wireless for the xbox one and ps4.
  • Re: Missed Bloodstone in season 1 - but why?!

    You were up against tougher crews (spotlight) that played more (xp) If you missed the first couple of weeks and started late, the progression would have seemed pretty easy as you would have been up against solo crews or crews that rarely play or buy spotlight songs. You hit a wall at the end as you were up against some of the best crews (not the very best as they had moved to bloodstone a few weeks ago). Remember each step of the way you were only competing against crews in your tier. Missing two weeks meant you didn't see any of the top crews as they would have been in gold when you were in bronze and kept moving as you moved.
  • Re: So I just advanced to Diamond tier by myself without breaking a sweat

    This week we needed over 600 song plays (as a crew) to make it to Bloodstone on xbox. You could do that by yourself, but you would break a sweat. I am sure it will be closer to 300 in the final week as the competition really drops off. Our crew had 9 expert FCs out of 12 possible scores, but were only 83rd percentile this week in spotlight. Again that will drop off as some Hard players may make it in the final week. Our spotlight scores weren't even close the week before as we were in the 30th percentile way clear of promotion from diamond (again when competition was stronger). That week to be competitive you needed all full combos with most optimal paths, (I am sure it was even tougher the first week teams could move to bloodstone, but we took that week off knowing it wasn't in our cards).

    It is possible to make the same tier but your overall ranking and seasonal points will be much lower than top tier crews as they earn bonus points longer being at the top.
  • Re: Introducing the Rock Band Season 2 Spotlight Pass!

    This is perfect for me, part of what I have loved about buying spotlight songs is discovering new music. I figured the value was that I played those songs repeatedly for a week trying to improve scores and add xp (2 bucks for 60 to 120 minutes of entertainment not counting future replays when it ends of in a challenge again). 4 instruments x 3-6 song plays x 5 minutes a song. Don't care what they are as long as they are new to rock band and sounds like they are. Rivals has changed how I play rock band, and basically getting a little more than 1 free song next season makes me happy!